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HORRIFIED residents have seen their stunning village drown inmudslides while a new housing development is built on their hill.

Torrents cascade down from the high ground during heavy rainfall from former farmland sold “for millions" to make way for a new-build estate.

It has led to a "waterfall of dirty mud" flooding homes and drives bringing misery to a village filled with pensioners and retirees.

One householder, whose property was among the worst hit during a flash flood last week, said: “I’m alright but I may not be next time, and my place is a mess.

"There was a sea of absolute red, it was clay and mud not just water."

The flood – captured in a horrifying video – saw onsite builders charge down the hill to assist residents in Burton Joyce, Nottinghamshire.

One householder claimed that the carnage came as construction on 14 new homes on land with "completely inadequate drainage" began 12-weeks-ago.

The woman said: "I’m at the bottom of a hill which is prone to flooding with land at the top being prepared for new homes but with completely inadequate drainage. It is ridiculous.”

Building went ahead despite locals objecting to the planning and warning, they claim, that there would be problems with flooding.

Some residents on Orchard Close and nearby streets claim the mud comes from the levelling off of the land.

It has led to huge resentment filling the village – branding the work on old cow pastures at the top of a hill as "madness".

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Former social services worker Margaret and husband Michael said the "predictable" flooding was "like a waterfall" in their garden and drive.

Margaret added: "Every day we are sweeping and hosing to try to wash it away… It is absolutely horrendous."

Husband Michael explained: “The huge mountain on soil of the agricultural land being developed is just running down the road, and the drains are not coping."

The flooding also forced a busy local Co-Op store, a chippy and fruit and veg shop to temporarily close their doors amid Thursday's torrent.


Resident Val alleges that she had been told a big tank would be installed on site to help with drainage.

She said: “We are not happy. The whole village is against the scheme, we have complained time and again but are fully ignored.

“We understood from the developers that they would be installing a a big tank on site to help with drainage.

"But we found out this hasn’t  happened and instead they have put in a new milk crate-like system which isn’t draining the land properly.”

Her husband David, a recent stroke sufferer, born in the village, added: “We’ve lost our last bit of green, now the pavement and road outside out village is disappearing."

Across the road, neighbour Keith Stafford, 82, claimed constant cleaning by developers Red Lane Ltd has ripped up tarmac creating potholes – and he wants them to fixed immediately.

Residents have also claimed they have to put up with 200 trips by builders.

Margaret fumed: “It’s all a bit of a mess. The levelling off of the hill should have been finished in he summer.

“Now we have to put up with 200 trips, day in day out, going up and down the hill past our house."

And Margaret says that despite desperate pleas for help, the "disgraceful" council have simply "disregarded" them.

Victoria Alexander from Red Lane Ltd of Repton, Derbyshire, declined to comment.

She said: “We have no comment. We have spoken to the residents.”

At the time of the flooding, councillor Sam Smith said he and his fellow Trent Valley councillor on Gedling Borough Council, Mike Evans, were working with residents and businesses to help them.

Mr Smith added: "The chip shop, our Post Office and the Co-op have been forced to close. The flooding has brought the village to a standstill."

When asked about the flooding he told Nottinghamshire Live: "We made it clear that if they approve this planning application it would flood Burton Joyce.

"That field there is a natural drainage system and once they concrete over it, it's gone.

"We need to stop building on green belts for this reason. It's a nightmare."

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A borough council spokesperson said: “On Thursday, large parts of the borough and the county saw extremely high levels of rainfall, causing flooding across several areas.

"We provided support for households who were in imminent danger of flooding, providing sandbags to several homes.

"Our road sweepers have been out to the affected areas to help clear up the debris caused by the rainfall.

"The development is at an early pre-construction stage and it’s clear that the appropriate drainage to prevent the mud falling down the hills was not in place and we have requested they urgently fix this or face enforcement action that could include shutting the site down.”

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