Parents row in Hamleys and Christmas supermarket shoppers ‘ram each other’

Christmas tempers boiled over in a famous toy shop when parents clashed in front of children as supermarkets across the UK become scenes of pandemonium.

Families looking to get some last minute festive gifts raged at each other in a argument over the lift in the iconic Hamley's toy shop in London.

One parent can be heard screaming swear words at another as horrified young children looked on.

Security guards at the world-famous toy store had to separate the fuming shoppers in the Regent's Street store on Friday afternoon.

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The fiery encounter was echoed by bad tempered exchanges across the UK.

One Plymouth Tesco was so busy that its car park was temporarily shut and customers were turned away as the supermarket heaved at the seams.

Another of the supermarket chain's stores in Talbot Green, Wales was as stuffed as a Christmas turkey.

A lack of till staff saw a queue of seasonal shoppers stretching all the way along one side of the store.

In the same town an Aldi played host to stressful shoppers after a queue of hundreds formed outside the supermarket ahead of its 8am opening.

One shopper told Wales Online : "All six tills are open and all have enormous queues.

"People are basically ramming each other around the store to get what they want."

Sainsbury's shoppers in Reading, Berkshire also suffered through the crowds.

An influx of early afternoon shoppers crowded the car park, causing a two hour jam to get back onto the road.

It was amidst similar levels of customer crowding that the Hamley's confrontation broke out.

Families with prams and bags were queueing to use the lift to get into the seven-floor store.

The argument was sparked when a family reportedly cut the queue.

Footage of the incident shows a group standing in a lift and gesturing for another woman to join them.

Families then begin jostling and screaming abuse at one another.

One woman yells the f-word repeatedly in front of horrified young children, prompting security guards to step in.

Bystanders caught up in the incident chose to leave the store without purchasing their Christmas presents.

One can be heard saying: "Let's go, it's not worth it."

An eyewitness said that the argument broke out when one of the people involved tired to skip the queue.

"When the lift doors opened they just pushed their way in from the exit walkway," they said.

"Obviously the people in the queue were not happy and the girl in the lift who was on the left side told them they had to get out.

"It all kicked off.

"I stopped filming when it got nasty."

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