Parents with a VERY embarrassing sense of humour

And you thought YOUR dad was embarrassing! Self-conscious teens share hilarious snaps of their parents’ gags (and over-protective fathers feature heavily)

  • Gallery shared to site Family Minded proves parents can be very embarrassing
  • The gallery has compiled worldwide images on social media of mums and dads
  • One shows overprotective father who has created a ‘virginity protection blanket’

Parents have an incredible talent for embarrassing their children, as proven by this hilarious online photo gallery. 

Compiled by Family Minded, the images shared on Imgur, Facebook and Twitter prove that no one can make life more awkward for self-conscious teens than their mums and dads.

Over-protective dads feature heavily, with one daughter proudly showing off the ‘virginity protection blanket’ he’d gifted her, complete with an enormous picture of his face printed on it to deter anyone Romeos hoping to climb under it with her. 

Another girl is seen wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with a photo of her musclebound father, and the slogan: ‘Stay clear boys… this is my dad!’ 

In some snaps protective fathers flocked together to create ‘virginity protection blankets’ with their faces painted across them, and threatening t-shirts for their daughters to wear. 

Meanwhile merciless mothers mocked their children’s selfies by recreating their own versions – with hilarious results.

Elsewhere a father decided his daughter’s hair extensions would make for a great beard, while a new father left unattended with the baby took his chance to recreate an infamous scene from Disney classic the Lion King.

Parents have an incredible talent for embarrassing their children, as shown in a hilarious gallery online. Reddit Canadian user u/RuggedlyHandsome shared a picture of herself holding a blanket made for her by her father, dubbed his ‘virginity protection blanket’

Elsewhere the parents of one mortified Imgur user by the name of Spikey Peach shared a hilarious snap of them posing in front of a sign- making it look rather suggestive

A Reddit user by the name of Bojan Music appeared very proud of the t-shirt he created, which sees him showing off his tattooed muscles along with the words ‘Stay clear boys this is my dad!’

Continuing the embarrassing parents gallery one mortified unknown Imgur user uploaded a snap of her father, along with the caption: ‘So my dad found my hair extensions’

Elsewhere this unknown parent went viral after being shared on Twitter, recreating the Lion King pose with his newborn baby while dressed in a monkey onesie

An Atlanta based Reddit user played a trick on his daughter when she left him in the car, taking a picture of a sign reading ‘Old man trapped in locked, over-heated car by vindictive heartless daughter’

American reddit user Peria Anderson showed just what happened when he recreated his son’s Facebook profile picture with his wife- with hilarious results

American reddit user satanscomedian  shared a hilarious snap recreated by his mother and her pals, writing: ‘Our mums mocked our selfies at the dodger game’

An unknown American Imgur user shared a hilarious picture of his sibling with their father photobombing the snap, writing: ‘My sister went to military ball and my dad wanted in’

An unknown Imgur user uploaded a shot of a parent taking the baby on board sign a little too literally, with a hilarious snap of a doll strapped to a piece of wood

Meanwhile a deleted Reddit user proved parents enjoy worrying their children too, with one couple sending their daughter this after she warned them about an escaped murderer in their area

American reddit user u/clarkcb shared a snap of a huge stocking, adding ‘It’s hard to believe my parents don’t have favourites when I come home to this’

An unknown Imgur user showed just how his parents responded when he gave them a list of presents for Christmas, in a gallery of embarrassing mothers and fathers

Photographer and Facebook user Sharee Schock shared a snap of a father’s hilarious homecoming picture, imitating his daughter’s with the words ‘whatever you do to my daughter I will do to you’

Meanwhile Boston-based tweeter Big Chicken wrote: ‘My dad finally found out about my tattoo and won’t stop giving me sh** for it’, alongside a snap of his skulking selfies

Elsewhere a deleted Imgur user uploaded a picture of his sulking son with a plate of frozen cash, writing: ‘My son wanted cold hard cash for his birthday’

And in another hilarious picture shared to Imgur, an unknown user revealed that her parents would tell her and her brother that they used to have another brother who turned into a mushroom for not washing- even adding mushroom pictures to the album

Meanwhile Atlanta Imgur user Dryback1486 revealed that when her boyfriend moved out of his family home, his parents replaced his pictures with snaps of their dog

After getting over the embarrassment, American Imgur user Shabutie 4  shared the hilariously awkward card her parents gave her, before describing them as the ‘coolest parents ever’

Meanwhile American student Ryan learned the hard way never to ask your father to bring you things at school, when they turned up in a Victoria’s Secret underwear bag

Elsewhere an unknown Imgur user showed the hilarious attempt his parents made when they attempted to recreate a pose he had created with his girlfriend

American Imgur user u/doltan shared a snap of the 21st birthday cake his parents got him, which showed him throwing up after a night out, adding to the embarrassing parents gallery

Reddit Boston user u/ reifier posted a picture of his parents attempting a selfie sent in the post, writing: ‘My parents just sent me a selfie- in the post’


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