People are only just realising there's another Terry's Chocolate Orange flavour – and they're not a fan | The Sun

A BIZARRE version of the classic Terry's Chocolate Orange has sent fans into a frenzy.

While the traditional Chocolate Orange remains a time-tested favourite, people can't believe a flavour that the company tried to branch out to.

The Terry's Chocolate Orange has a rich history, with the first treat sold back in 1932.

Now, Brits enjoy an estimated 9million Chocolate Oranges every year, and they have become a favourite stocking filler every Christmas.

But fans may not know that the company also tried to launch a chocolate LEMON variant in 1979.

While the Chocolate Orange has remained a hit, the lemon experiment was discontinued after just three years.


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Historian Tim Dunn took to Twitter as he recalled the odd history of the Chocolate Orange-offshoot.

He said: "This is your annual Christmas reminder that Terry's Chocolate Orange has HISTORY."

Alongside the unsuccessful release of the Terry's Chocolate Lemon, Tim reminded users of the the company's other strange attempts.

"Not only was it pre-dated by Terry's Chocolate Apple of 1926, it was once joined by Terry’s Chocolate Greengage," he said.

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Some users who had the chance to try the infamous Chocolate Lemon were quick to question the thinking behind the company's sweet-treat experiments.

One person said: "I tried a chocolate lemon. Should have been great – wasn't."

"Chocolate LEMON? Gosh," commented another.

However, not everyone was deterred, with many feeling the peculiar flavours could work well together.

"Anyone else think they'd kinda like to try a Terry's Chocolate Lemon?" said one eager foodie.

Another insisted that they "actually liked the chocolate lemon."

Although it predated the Chocolate Orange, the short-lived Chocolate Apple variant was said to be nixed after production costs due to WWII made it too expensive to produce.

Instead, the company invested in creating more Chocolate Oranges, according to the London Cake Academy.

Despite being known for the classic orange, other flavours include raspberry, birthday cake, toffee, cookie crunch.

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