People are only just realising what KitKat wafers are made from – and are amazed

Chocolate lovers the world over have had their life changed after realising what the wafers inside a KitKat are made from.

The Nestlé confection has installed itself as one of Britain's most beloved choc bar over the years.

But it turns out very few know what goes into making its iconic wafer.

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Popular YouTuber Zack D. Films revealed the truth in a clip posted on October 14.

Titled The Inside Of Kit Kats Are Not What You Think, he explained: "They [Nestlé] claim it's just a crisp wafer.

"But what they actually used to make it might surprise you.

"Some KitKats get broken while they're being made and instead of throwing them out, the company crushes them up and adds sugar.

"That's what's on the inside of KitKat bars – it's literally crushed up KitKats."

The video has since been seen more than 6million times and attracted thousands of comments from gobsmacked fans.

"No way a KitKat is inside of a KitKat, I never would have thought," one wrote.

Another commented: "Oh that's why it's so sweet."

Julie replied: "They all go into rework, where they’re used for the fillings for the wafers.

"We’re picking off ones which are not of a good standard."

It comes after McDonald's fans were left equally astonished to discover the fruit that is involved in making the fast food chain's sweet and sour sauce.


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