People share the most cringeworthy 'humble bragging' posts

No humble pie here! People who tried and failed to come across as self-deprecating are called out online

  • People shared the most cringeworthy bragging posts that they found online
  • Reddit forum r/humblebrag and Ranker complied the funniest into gallery
  • Including a girl who expressed how different her life is to a man picking rice
  • While another boasted she’s the only one of her friends who can ‘pull’ athletes 

Sometimes it is better to overtly show off rather than try tosub tly hint at something you’re proud of, as the ‘humble brag’ can so often backfire. 

Noting examples of how the humble brag can sometimes have cringeworthy consequences, Ranker has compiled some of the funniest shared the most cringeworthy bragging posts from the Reddit forum r/humblebrag. 

The funniest examples include an influencer who uses a revealing bikini photo to muse over how privileged she is, while another young girl from New York revealed on TikTok she’s the ‘only one in her friend group’ that can pull professional athletes.   

Here FEMAIL takes a look at the most embarrassing humble bragging on social media…

People have shared the most cringeworthy bragging posts that they found online, proving they should probably just overtly show off instead. The examples, compiled by Ranker, include an influencer who used a revealing photo to reflect on how different her life is to that of a man picking rice in a field in Indonesia

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Another person took to Facebook to show off their incredible indoor swimming pool but decided to disguise their bragging by pretending they needed advice 

Another young girl, from New York, admitted on TikTok that she is the ‘only one in her friend group’ that can pull professional athletes

This person revealed her friend has ‘insecurities’ that are triggered by her own success, and that the success evokes jealousy in her pal

This woman gave a shameless plug to her book but also revealed she expects ‘at least a few hundred thousand people’ will buy it 

This person couldn’t help but let others know that they are ‘designing bioreactors’ and is ‘getting published for heat dissipation’ while complaining about receiving explicit images

Another person gave Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant in Sanya a 5 out of 10 and made people aware they are fond of Michelin star dining in New York 

This girl was keen to let everyone know just how popular she is by revealing she can’t even take a nap with out her phone blowing up 

While another person admitted she can’t get back to the over 800 text messages in her inbox because it’s ‘too overwhelming’ having so many friends 

This person, from Kansas City, just had to tell their followers they were recognised from LinkedIn while out and about

This parent took to Facebook to let others know their kids are food snobs and will only eat steak and salmon 

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This Reddit user was thrilled that 95,000 people spotted their meme and liked it and he had to make another meme about that 

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