Pretty Vee Reportedly Breaks Down Her Attraction To Rick Ross On Revolt’s ‘Black Girl Stuff’

Jamaican-American online personality is a comedian, host, actress, and brand ambassador has expressed her admiration for Rick Ross while recording an episode of Revolt’s Black Girl Stuff.

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According to Vibe, It has been speculated that the Wild’n Out entertainer is dating the Richer Than I Ever Been rapper thanks to images and videos of the pair together surfacing on social media.

Fueling the romance whispers, Ross’ fellow Miami native expressed her attraction to the “biggest bawse” and what makes him a great guy for her.

“Rumor has it that you’re dating a boss, some say the biggest boss that you’ve seen thus far…” co-host Akilah inquired.

“Uhh-huh,” Vee confirmed before sharing what attracted her to him. “Yeah it’s the boss. It’s the boss in him. I like guys who lead. So when you’re a leader you can step to me, you know? But again, when it comes down to Ross, Ross is the type of person who you look at and you just admire, you’re inspired by — like I want to do what you’re doing, so teach me.”

She added, “In the backend I’m actually a student to the game as well. So I mean yeah, if you wanna say that, then that’s what it is.”

At the 2022 BET Awards, Vee and Ross got pretty cozy on the red carpet, although it wasn’t clear if the two were joking around romantically or platonically.

As Vee grabbed each star for an interview, Ross took the opportunity to flirt a bit with the media personality.

“What’s up ya’ll its your girl Pretty Vee and look who’s behind me,” she said as Ross inched closer to her neck.

With her hand almost cuffing the back of his head, Ross planted a kiss on her cheek as she answered her own question: “My bae.”

“What we is?” Vee asked the 46-year-old. Ross responded with, “We gonna keep them out of our business.”

In 2021, the pair also posed in a promotional shoot as ambassadors for Luc Belaire champagne. In the clip, Vee shared her adoration for the MMG boss and he also showered her with compliments and thanked her for morning devotions that she sends to his phone everyday.

“The devotions you send me every morning, baby they mean so much,” Ross expressed. “They so powerful, they so positive — it brings so much light and that’s why I want to make it clear before we go any further — your success… this is just the beginning.”

He added, “Baby keep winning and don’t stop. You’re a gift.”

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