Primary school kid finds glaring error in homework & responds with brutal reply

A primary school student went viral after pointing out a mistake in her homework question.

Reddit users couldn’t stop laughing when the young girl, called Myrah, penned a blunt response to the task.

The question reads: “Jane has 12 crayons and Kim has 7 crayons. How many more crayons does Susan have than Kim?"

Myrah was understandably baffled by the equation – especially as there is no mention of how many crayons Susan has.

Next to the question, she wrote: “Who is Susan?”

The post has garnered more than 76,200 upvotes on Reddit – and many hailed Myrah as a genius.

One commenter wrote: “Myrah is going places.”

Another said: “Kid better not have been marked down for that answer cause she’s totally right lol.”

A third wrote: “This kid is growing to be one of the people who actually reads Terms & Conditions before choosing to agree.”

And a fourth added: “Not sure if we should be more impressed with the great answer or her awesome handwriting.”

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