Rachel Crow Hopes Felicia Continues To ‘Use Her Wits & Sass For Good’ In ‘Schooled’ Season 2

We’re ready to get schooled all over again! The beloved show was picked up for a second season and star Rachel Crow is looking ahead for her character Felicia.

Felicia started off Schooled as a rebellious student who eventually showed her kind heart at the end of the season. Now, with a season 2 order, Rachel Crow is ready to revisit Felicia following her radical change, especially in the season 1 finale! “I feel like Felicia really developed over this season. She starts out as such a troublemaker and she’s not easy to be around — she’s sassy and mad at the world. I think she really grows with her uncle and I think she realizes that he loves her and that he would literally do anything for her if she needed it,” Rachel explained in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife.com.

“In the end, she organized this entire protest so that the school would give her uncle his job back,” the singer-turned-actress continued. “I think that’s using her wits and her smarts for good because yes, it was unorthodox and yes, she made the teachers and students go on strike and that’s probably not the best thing in the world, but it was for the best because she knew her uncle needed her.” Looking ahead to season two, Rachel admitted she hopes Felicia continues to grow. “Obviously she’s going to make her mistakes and do her crazy stuff, but I want to watch her grow as a person,” she said. “Instead of using her sass and her wit for bad, I hope she keeps using it for good, because she did that in the finale.”

Rachel, in addition to her acting career, has continued to thrive as a singer with her singles “Up All Night” and “Coulda Told Me.” She most recently performed at Aeropostale’s Malibu Beach house to celebrate the new Aero x Repreve collection. “I think that it’s hard for us younger women who may be curvier to feel like we can express ourselves, and when when you walk into Aeropostale, they really represent everyone,” Rachel said of the brand. “I felt so happy to be there and included! It was so fun.”

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