Rare 50p coins selling for up to £3,500 – do you have one in your pocket?

Dozens of Ebay users are casting their eyes on the "very rare" Samuel Johnson coins by the hour.

Seller sally_w55 put the Johnson's Dictionary coin up for £3,500, describing it as "very rare".

Another seller has also put the same piece up for sale, at an equally astonishing £3,300.

Describing the coin, user ckyp2009 wrote: "Circulating commemorative 50p coin. Only a limited number produced."

But experts have noted the coin is not as rare as the sellers have claimed.

Change Checker explains the coin has a 'common' rating on its scarcity index, even though it was minted 15 years ago.

The 'Saxon plural of penny' piece was released in 2005 to celebrate the 250th anniversary of Samuel Johnson's Dictionary of the English Language, released in 1755.

The front side of the coin features the figure '50' and the words 'JOHNSON'S DICTIONARY 1755' below.

While there are dozens of 'common' coins, falsely described as rare, there are many of valuable pieces in circulation.

The Jemima Puddle-Duck coin was released in 2016, to mark the 150th anniversary of author Beatrix Potter's birth.

There are only 2.1million of these coins in circulation and one of the coins recently sold for as much as £106 on eBay.

Jemima coins are currently  being auctioned on eBay with bids starting at around £140.

One seller recently asked for £900 for one – but the post has now ended after no bids were made.

It remains the most scarce in the Beatrix Potter collection.

A commemorative coin was created to celebrate the 250th anniversary of London’s Kew Gardens.

The Royal Mint only released 210,000 of these 50ps and 300 are believed to be held in private vaults.

The Kew Gardens coin is often sold at around £80 – although there are a few listed on eBay for more than that, and some have sold for up to £160.

Recent postings, however, show Kew coins up for sale on eBay for as much as £850.

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