Rio and Kate: Becoming a Stepfamily viewers divided over photos

Viewers are left divided by Rio Ferdinand’s decision to move photos of his late wife to a special ‘memory room’ to make Kate Wright feel more at home on Rio and Kate: Becoming a Stepfamily

  • Kate Wright, 28, and Rio Ferdinand, 41, appeared in a new BBC documentary 
  • Couple married in 2019 after passing of Rio’s wife Rebecca, who died in 2015
  • In one scene, they discussed taking down Rebecca’s photos in the family home
  • Rio revealed he was concerned in case the move ‘broke’ his three children 
  • Kate said having photos up of the footballer’s late wife had been ‘really difficult’  
  • They decided to build a memory room for Rio’s three children with the photos 
  • But some viewers were left divided over the move, with some calling it ‘too soon’ 

Viewers of Rio and Kate: Becoming a Step Family were left divided last night after Rio Ferdinand decided to move photos of his late wife to a special ‘memory room’ to make Kate Wright feel more at home. 

The BBC One programme, which aired at 9pm, followed Rio, 41, and his wife Kate, 28, looking back on their journey to become a family unit after the death of Rio’s late wife Rebecca Ellison – mother to his three children Lorenz, 13, Tate, 11, and Tia, eight – to cancer in 2015.

In one emotional scene,  Kate said having photographs of Rebecca all around the house was ‘really difficult’, while Rio revealed he hadn’t wanted to move the images in case it ‘broke’ one of the children.   

In the end, the couple decided to move the photographs of Rebecca into their own special room in the house where the children could go to remember her. 

Viewers of Rio and Kate: Becoming a Stepfamily were left divided last night after Kate Wright, 28, and Rio Ferdinand, 41, took down photographs of his late wife Rebecca 

The couple decided to take down photographs of Rebecca and build a memory wall with the images for Rio’s three children 

But the decision left viewers divided, with one commenting online: ‘Heartbreaking situation to be in but I can’t believe they took his kids mother’s photos down off the wall.’  

Meanwhile another wrote: ‘What @xkatiewright did is much better, she made a memorial for them. A whole room dedicated to the two of them. I think that is such a beautiful thing and means more than sporadic pictures.’   

While at a group therapy session with Rio and other step-parents, Kate described the moment she first moved into Rio’s home. 

She said it was ‘like an out of body experience’ to see the photographs of the late Rebecca all over the house. 

Social media users were left divided over the emotional scene, with some saying Kate had ‘honoured’ Rebecca with the move 

Kate said: ‘I’m in a house that isn’t mine, and it’s got Rio and Rebecca’s wedding photos, it’s like an out-of-body experience.

‘I’m just walking around the house thinking “What am I doing here?” Like, I love you and all my friends would come round and say, “You shouldn’t be living in a house like – does he love you? Are you like, deluded?”

‘And I was left thinking, “Am I deluded? Am I losing my mind because I’m living in a house with all the pictures but I’m doing it for the children?”‘

Meanwhile, Rio explained: ‘I knew she was at odds with it a little bit in her own mind. And it’s just about time. 

Rio Ferdinand’s late wife Rebecca Ellison, who died of cancer in 2015 aged just 34 (they are seen together in May 2014) 

‘I used to say, “The kids aren’t ready yet, they’ve had enough going on. If I take them down, what if it breaks one of them?” I can’t risk that at the expense of her feelings.’

Kate added: ‘I don’t want the memory of their mum to go, that’s their mum, I want them to have a memory of their mum. 

‘But at the same time I need to be able to live and feel like this is my home as well. That’s a really difficult thing to find, isn’t it.’ 

The couple ended up deciding to take the pictures of Rebecca down from the walls of the home in the documentary.

During one therapy session, Kate said photographs of Rebecca decorating Rio’s family home left her feeling ‘deluded’ about her relationship with the former footballer 

In an open discussion with his son Tate, Rio could be heard saying: ‘The pictures have been taken down yeah?’

Tate replied: ‘Who took them all down?’

Rio responded: ‘Me and Kate. Mummy is obviously up in heaven. We’re here now. 

‘Me, you, Tia, Lorenz, and Kate is with us as well. We can’t just have pictures of Mummy everywhere as well.

Rio said he had been concerned about the way his children would react if he was to take down photos of their mother 

‘In your bedrooms, there is pictures of Mummy, and you’ve got your pillows [with her [picture on].’

He went on: ‘And I think if you asked anybody if they were going to go out and be in someone else’s family, they wouldn’t want to see pictures of somebody who was there before all the time around the house.

‘There would be nice places to put them, because you have to remember it is Kate’s home as well.’

And later, while packing away one of the rooms in the home to be decorated, the couple opened up about their decision. 

The former TOWIE star said she felt she was balancing her own needs with those of Rio’s three children 

Rio explained: ‘We decided to take the pictures down, and create a room for the kids, where they can come and be comfortable. 

‘And in here, they can do their homework, play on the computer, and then there will be a space where they can see pictures of their mum and nan and be comfortable because this will be where they’ll spend a lot of time here.’

Kate said: ‘I know it will be hard for the children and I feel bad that it’s because of me that they’re coming down.’

But Rio responded: ‘Life has to move on. There’s no given time, no timescale of months or years where you say, “Oh this is when you’re meant to paint a wall or redecorate a room.” 

In the end, the couple decided to remove Rebecca’s photographs from the walls of their family home and build a special ‘Rebecca room’ instead 

‘It’s just how you feel and I think that Kate especially has been mindful of everyone else’s feelings of change in this house.

‘But there comes a point when she has to feel comfortable in her home as a family.’ 

Later, the couple reveal the memory wall in one of the rooms, with Kate explaining: ‘I worry now for them everyday. I worry that they’re not going to understand it until they’re older and then it might hit them.’

Viewers were split over the emotional moment in the documentary, with some suggesting it was inappropriate to move Rebecca’s photographs.  

In one touching moment, Rio explained to one of his children that they had taken the photographs down, but they would still have pillows with their mother’s face on (pictured) 

Another explained: ‘I can’t decide if moving their photos to one room was a good thing or not? Seems like an odd decision.’

Another wrote: ‘My husband’s mother had a photo of her first husband in their house until the day she died at 91 years old. he was only 29 when he died. I always thought what a wonderful man her second husband was never minding the photos. 

‘Kate should have left them. It’s their mum.’

However other’s disagreed, with one saying: ‘She dedicated a whole room to her.’

Rio said he was determined to make Kate feel comfortable in the home with his family, while honouring the memory of his late wife 

Another said: ‘She’s doing a brilliant job. I don’t think she needed to worry about photos around at this early stage but she’s doing her best and that’s all anyone can do.’  

One added: ‘People are moaning at Kate for taking down the photos but it’s her house as well. 

‘They moved the photos to one room where the kids can go if they want. She is doing her best to honour their mum but carving her own path. So much respectful these two.’

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