Saira Khan shows off flawless skin after treating pigmentation plus other beauty tips

Saira Khan has given her fans a look at her flawless complexion after being prescribed a special skincare regime to treat her pigmentation.

The former Loose Women panelist, 51, took to Instagram Stories to give fans an insight into her beauty regime and explained that she’d been using a prescribed retinol and pigmentation cream in her skincare routine as well as radiofrequency treatments.

"So pleased with my skin which is being treated by @drsabikakarim @skinmedicalclinics – pigmentation has been greatly reduced and my secret RF treatment for stimulating collagen has blown my mind!" she captioned the snaps. "Everyday maintenance with @sairaskinuk and @heliocareuk".

Saira continued giving fans an insight into her beauty regime, writing on the next slide: "Absolutely loved having my lash extensions by @shavata_brows – this is four weeks now and they still look fab! I have not worn mascara for four weeks and it's been bliss. I'm taking them off tomorrow, but will definitely have them again."

Later giving her 103k followers a look at the removal process, she added: “I would recommend eyelash extensions for anyone who wants fuller lashes without the need for mascara. @shavata_brows technicians are highly trained and are nationwide – so search online for your nearest salon.”

Saira then gave a breakdown of her full beauty regime, including her pigmentation and lash treatments, revealing that she also uses an oil to condition her hair overnight, castor oil on her lips and natural lashes, and wears Invisalign aligners to keep her teeth straight.

“Self care is about consistency,” she captioned the selfie. “Before going to bed, make the effort for your skin, hair, nails, brows, lashes, teeth.”

"My self care starts with connecting with my skin when I wake up and the last thing before I go to bed,” she continued. “Cleansing, nourishing, hydrating your body every day will help you to listen to your body, spot any signs that may need your attention, see changes. All that helps you to stay in tune with yourself.

“That's self care. Looking out for yourself. Making yourself visible for you, doing the little things that will make you feel more comfortable."

Hear, hear!

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