Scorpio traits: What does it mean to be a Scorpio? Dates, personality and compatibility

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Scorpios are depicted by the scorpion, and it makes sense why. Scorpio-born people have a tough exterior and will sting you if you cross them. What do Prince Charles, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kelly Brook, and Katy Perry have in common? They’re all Scorpios. has compiled a list of Scorpio traits.

The first word that comes to mind when talking about Scorpios is passion.

Scorpio is a water sign, meaning they are all about expressing and feeling an array of emotions.

Scorpios are great at keeping secrets, and they can come across as quite mysterious people.

Here’s what astrologers say about Scorpios personality traits.

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Friends and family

Scorpios tell it like it is, but they are also very emotional.

A Scorpio is a true friend– you can trust them to keep a secret, and they’re loving people.

They will take good care of you, but expect this treatment to work both ways.

If you let a Scorpio down or break their trust, a Scorpio will hold onto that.


Scorpio is a sexy sign, because they are considered the most sensual sign of the zodiac.

Intimacy is key to attracting a scorpio, but they want a deep connection.

You need to match the honest and intelligent Scorpio, and they will expect lots of communication.

It can be hard to earn the trust of a Scorpio, but once they are yours they are faithful and loyal.

You’ll often find Scorpio clicking with Taurus or Cancer, and they are the best match for Scorpio. 

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Scorpios are successful people, and you will often see them in a management role or something to do with science.

Scorpios are extremely resourceful and will work hard to achieve a goal they have set.

Scorpios are great problem solvers, and tend to take a scientific and practical approach to problems.

They find it easy to focus when they have a plan in place, and they won’t stop until they get what they want.

This makes Scorpio a great leader, and they enjoy being assertive.

Scorpio could do anything they put their mind to. Just look at Kris Jenner and what that family has achieved! 


You won’t see a Scorpio splashing their cash too often.

They work hard for what they’ve got, and are sensible about what they spend their money on.

To a Scorpio, money is the key to security and control over their own life.

Scorpios will have a booming savings account and won’t spend a penny unless it’s a worthwhile investment.

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