Scott Disick Built a Playhouse for His Kids and It's Nicer Than My Apartment

If you’re like me, thoughts of your childhood playhouse involve a damp and dusty shed with a rotting floor and more spiders than I had LEGOS, but if you’re a kid in the extended Kardashian universe (“EKU”), your experience is bound to be, uh, just a little different. Take Reign, Penelope, and Mason, Kourtney Kardashian’s kids — their dad Scott Disick built them an elaborate playhouse-guesthouse hybrid on an episode of his new E! show Flip it Like Disick, and it literally is nicer than like 90% of the places I’ve lived.

Disick and Kardashian may now be divorced, but Disick himself says that he’s made parenting his current priority. Part of that included working with Kardashian to get her approval on certain design elements of the playhouse, and taking her advice when it comes to safety, like not including a dangerous fan in the house that the kids’ could get their fingers stuck in.

Disick said the playhouse was inspired by a beach house he saw in Baja, Mexico, that was featured in Forbes Magazine. He designed the space to use multiple natural wood accents like that structure. It has hardwood floors, modern fixtures, a loft, a crawl space, and big windows so the space is filled with lots of natural light. No one will be losing their LEGOs and puzzle pieces in this bright, airy, and seemingly spider-free hangout space.

It looks a lot like a modern tiny home, with upscale touches that any minimalist millennial — or extremely rich child under the age of ten — would love.

It’s nice to see Disick and Kardashian working together to make something that will enrich the lives of their children, and we’re honestly impressed at Disick’s sophisticated design. If you want to see what else he’s capable of, you can check out new episodes of Flip it Like Disick on E!, Sundays at 9 PM.

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