Shauna Sexton Heads To London Over A ‘Quarter Life Crisis’ Amid Rumors She Has A Sex Tape Of Ben Affleck

Playboy Playmate Shauna Sexton gained a ton of publicity this past summer when she was reportedly in a short-term relationship with Ben Affleck. The entire thing seemed to start off with a bang and end without much warning, as the actor ended up spending most of their relationship in rehab for alcohol problems. And now, the model has posted an Instagram story of a screenshot for a flight out of Los Angeles International Airport to London, arriving on November 9, adding the caption, “Quarter-life crisis.”

This comes amid rumors that Sexton has a sex tape with Affleck, according to Radar Online.

“She told Ben she didn’t need him, and she was going to be the next Kim Kardashian. He and his team took that as a threat that she has a sex tape.”

The couple appeared to be hitting it off after Ben left rehab, especially as they headed out of town to Montana for a quick getaway. This is when Ben made his first appearance in one of Shauna’s Instagram stories, where you could see the back of his head as he was driving.

However, upon their return, news started circulating that the two were over. Shauna, however, insisted that the rumors were false. Days later, as Affleck’s assistant picked up the actor’s car from the model, it did appear that the breakup rumors were indeed true.

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Sexton also paired the screenshot of the plane itinerary with a comic of a man saying, “Give me attention!” while a woman in the foreground said, “Nope.” This might refer to reports that the actor is attempting to get back on Shauna’s good side after he dumped her.

“Ben originally ignored Shauna, but he plans to talk to her so she calms down. He’s letting her think a reconciliation is in the cards.”

If that’s the case, and the comic has any meaning, it could signal that Shauna knows what Ben is up to.

“Everyone’s worried about how much she knows. And she could know a lot, because for at least two weeks of their so-called relationship, Ben was off the rails.”

It’s hard to know at this point whether there’s any truth to Shauna Sexton having a sex tape. Such a thing could be a huge disgrace to the actor, whose friends and family would also find out along with the world, should something be released. At the same time, if Shauna does have a tape, it’s not guaranteed that she’d leak it to the press.

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When you’re forced to attend a social gathering and all you can think about is your dog, your bed, and hot wings.

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