Shocking snaps show reckless workers defying basic common sense

Health and safety last! Shocking snaps show reckless workers defying basic common sense – including one who climbed inside a wood chipper

  • A selection of startling pictures have revealed the risky things people do at work
  • These reckless workers seem to have abandoned every health and safety rule
  • Someone put up sign after someone put eye goggles on shelf covered in acid

Most workplaces have strict health and safety guidelines in place to prevent their staff from coming to any harm – but these reckless workers appear to have chucked the rule book out the window. 

You may have cut the odd corner in the past, but these employees from all over the world really have taken their lives into their own hands. 

A selection of shocking pictures, collated by BoredPanda from health and safety focused Reddit page r/OSHA, reveal the risky things some people do at work which look certain to end in disaster.

Among the startling snaps is a man who precariously balanced a ladder in mid-air at the top of a staircase, and a truck driver who failed to secure their load of wood planks, which looked poised to fly through the windscreen.

Elsewhere, a careless worker was pictured clambering into a wood chipping machine – surely that can’t end well…

A selection of pictures, collated by BoredPanda via the Reddit page r/OSHA, show the risky things people do at work, including one man who precariously balanced a ladder in mid-air (above)

Among the starling snaps is one of a reckless truck driver who failed to secure his giant load of wood planks, which looked ready to smash through the windscreen or cause an accident

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An electrician found a rather risky way to reach a tall ceiling – he precariously balanced across wooden planks and wore a pair of stilts to give himself some more height

One designer didn’t seem to consider the safety of workers in this restaurant when installing a huge screen which dangles precariously above their heads

A group of workers came up with an unusual way to reach new heights, as one forklift driver decided to lift another forklift holding two men into the air

One man did not seem to have health and safety on his mind when climbed  halfway up a thin tree using ladders, which were bizarrely balanced on branches

One workplace seemed to be giving its workers mixed messages with its exit sign, which it claimed was an ‘exit’ and also was ‘not an exit’

A boss resorted to attaching a large sign to a shelf after workers put their safety goggles on there despite it being ‘literally covered in acid’ 

A group of men couldn’t figure out how to get high enough to reach a road sign – so they decided to use a digger as a lift to send the workers up

One man had no fear of heights when installing an air conditioning unit, as he climbed up an extremely high ladder to balance on a small platform at the top of a building

One worker had every faith in the strength of the pole holding up the back of a heavy truck as he recklessly stood directly underneath the suspended load

You don’t often see people climbing into the back of wood chippers – but one worker decided to abandon health and safety to go headfirst into this machine

One supermarket worker stood on a trolley with wheels to stock the shelves with food – and even pulled himself down the aisles using the tall shelves

Another worker seemed to be creating their own game of Jenga while stacking produce on top of one another, which looked ready to fall at any moment

One electrical nightmare saw plug sockets balancing in mid-air with a dis-organised array of wires and plugs attached to them

A warning on ‘laser radiation’ did not fill anyone with hope as it urged people not to stare into the beam with their ‘remaining eye’

One worker did not realise that the fryers he was standing on had wheels when he decided to stand on top of them rather than his ladder to fix an extractor

One construction team had no fear as a man clung onto a tall structure after being hoisted up there by a single man lifts which balanced on the top of a forklift

Another electrical failure saw one plug socket dangling in mid-air with the internal wires exposed

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