Shoppers say this portable device is a lifesaver for period pains

Women reveal how period pain device is ‘a lifesaver’ for instantly soothing cramps – and it’s goes undetected under clothes (plus we have a 10% discount code)

  • Women have shared how the OOVI device is helping relieve period pain 
  • Period pain is common and usually treated with painkillers 
  • The OOVI is a drug-free alternative and uses pulse therapy to stimulate your nerves and stop your period pain 
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Menstrual cramps can be crippling, and if you’re looking for a way to manage period pain without drugs, then doctor-founded device OOVI is the natural remedy that can rid those dull aches for good. 

OOVI is a small wearable device that uses pulse therapy to stimulate your nerves and stop your period pain instantly, and fans who have tried it insist it really works.   

Non-invasive and highly effective in controlling miserable cramps, scores of shoppers have called it a ‘lifesaver’, raving how they ‘can’t recommend it enough’ for muscle-related pain.

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Relieve period cramps without medicine: Founded by UK medics, OOVI is the instant, drug-free, solution to painful periods

OOVI was founded by UK healthcare professionals who believe periods shouldn’t be painful.

The OOVI device sticks to the stomach or back and sends tiny amounts of electrical waves to keep your nerves occupied, so the pain signals may be muted or dramatically reduced.

Fem-tech machine OOVI sticks discreetly to your body to provide fast and effective period pain relief wherever and whenever you need it. 

Wireless and discreet, the portable device uses transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), a technology that is used by doctors worldwide to manage different types of pain.

Sending you tiny amounts of electrical waves, OOVI keeps your nerves occupied, so the pain signals may be muted or dramatically reduced. The result? Instant relief with no drugs or chemicals.  

Designed by UK based doctors, OOVI has been backed by science and technology to offer you the best pain relief without the need for drugs or chemicals and with no side effects. 

Distracting you and your nerves from the period pain, the small wireless device can be worn under your clothes for period pain management throughout the day. 

The gel pad has been designed with a butterfly wing shape that gives you maximum skin contact. 

All you have to do is attach it to your stomach or back, turn it on and then choose the intensity that works best for you. With a long-lasting battery life of up to ten hours, you can use it as much as you like.

The completely wireless design allows you to enjoy pain relief on the go and a single charge lasts for up to 20 sessions

OOVI will send small pulses through the butterfly pad that feel like gentle vibrations to help block pain receptors helping you go about your day 

While OOVI is made for the primary use of menstrual pain (dysmenorrhoea), it has also proven seriously effective to relieve pain associated with conditions such as endometriosis, fibroids and PCOS.

One impressed user raved: ‘I have stage 4 endometriosis, and this has saved my sanity. I had a maternity TENS that was nowhere near as effective. No wires, and I can wear it under my clothes!’.

Another agreed, calling it an ‘absolute must-have for anyone with period pain or endometriosis pain’. They wrote, ‘I’ve spent years curled over in agony struggling using pain medication due to endo pain during my period and ovulation time. 

‘My OOVI arrived on day 1 of my last period, and I was able to continue working with minimal pain which, is something I wouldn’t normally have managed to do! Wish I’d had this for years ago!’

A fourth claimed ‘OOVI eliminates most of the pain and dulls the worst cramps. It’s like getting a week of your life back every month!’

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