Single mother, 25, has living room transformed for just £50 by parents

Single mother, 25, returns from Benidorm to discover her parents have transformed her run-down living room with wallpaper, curtains and paint – and it only cost them £50

  • Amy Townsend, 25, from Walsall, was given a surprise living room renovation
  • Her parents spent around £50 on overhauling the room while she was on holiday
  • Mother-of-one shared before and after photos in a savings Facebook group

A mother-of-one who let her parents have access to her home while on holiday with her son returned to a newly renovated living room.

Amy Townsend, 25, from Walsall, flew back from Benidorm to discover that her parents had overhauled her dilapidated front room using materials from budget shop Home Bargains.

Posting on the Latest Deals & Bargains Facebook Group, she revealed that her parents spent around £50 on the transformation. 

‘When I saw my living room had been transformed, I was overwhelmed with joy,’ she gushed.  

Amy Townsend, 25, from Walsall, shared a photograph of how her parents transformed her living room (pictured) on a money savings Facebook group

Amy says her parents surprised her with the £50 renovation of her living room (pictured before) while she was on holiday

Amy (pictured) says she’s happy that her parents didn’t spend much on the overhaul as she usually buys from charity shops

‘It was a total surprise,’ she wrote.

‘I went on holiday with my son, Olly, two, to Benidorm. While I was away, my mum and dad wallpapered and painted for me!’  

Buying wallpaper that cost just £5 a roll, Amy’s father who works full-time squeezed the renovation into the weekend before she was due to come back. 

Amy continued: ‘It’s made me a lot happier knowing they haven’t spent lots as I look for free things and I shop in charity shops for bits and bobs to add.

‘I don’t have a lot seeing as I live alone with my two-year-old so charity shops have to do!’

Her parents had opted for a neutral colour theme to bring light and space into the room, and used a checked wallpaper with yellow tones to match her blanket throw and other accessories. 

Amy’s father who works full-time, spent his weekend decorating using materials from Home Bargains to makeover the living room (pictured)

The dark tones of Amy’s living room (pictured before) were swapped for pastel colours and the blinds were replaced by curtains 

Amy (pictured) claims that she was ‘overwhelmed with joy’, when she saw the outcome of her living room transformation

Co-founder of, Tom Church, revealed how pale tones can be used to enhance the perception of space in a room.

‘Amy’s living room looks absolutely gorgeous thanks to her parents’ hard work, and the best part about it is that the transformation cost just £50. 

‘The colour and pattern of wallpaper you choose is really important. Our eyes perceive colours and tones in ways that can change the visual dimensions of a room.  

Tom Church of, says the ceiling of Amy’s living room (pictured) was lifted by the use of vertical and horizontal stripes

Tom advises using pale tones throughout rooms to open up a space visually, pictured: Amy’s living room 

‘Dark tones will bring walls forward, while pale tones will open up a space visually. 

‘Amy’s checked pattern has both vertical and horizontal stripes which can lift the ceiling and positively alter the perception of space.’

He added: ‘Three quick tips for wallpapering: Paint or varnish all woodwork first. 

‘Then start your papering from the window close to a corner and work in both directions away from the light. 

‘If your wallpaper has a large regular pattern, centre the first length over the fireplace for symmetry.’

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