Single mum who lived on benefits now makes six figures from slimy side-hustle

Everyone is looking for ways to make some extra cash nowadays.

Times are tough, and we're all trying to bag a little extra money.

But you probably didn't think it would be possible thanks to the help of some super slimy creatures.

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Single mum Kris Buckley used to be on benefits, but she's now making six figures by breeding huge snails.

She's been dubbed the world’s first "snailfluencer", and she works specifically with African land snails – a very large species whose shell can measure up to 23 centimetres.

The quirky business boomed after she started posting about her snails on TikTok, and the clips went viral.

Kris can flog the snails for up to 60 euros (£51.34) each – and the business is doing really well.

The mum, from Munich, Germany, developed an interest in snails while caring for her son when he was in hospital for several months with a gastrointestinal perforation.

At the time she wasn't able to work, as he needed her full attention, and she also had another son to look after.

Due to their financial circumstance, the family had to rely on benefits, and also received food donations from the church.

This eventually led her to getting a pet snail, and she bagged an African land snail and a terrarium.

Kris said: "I was a single mum-of-two living off money from the state.

"My life was caring for others. I had nothing of my own and the idea of a snail was very appealing. They don’t require any attention."

She then started sharing videos of her pet snails on TikTok in 2019 – and people couldn't get enough.

"It was a very quick change," she added.

"People recognise me now. That’s strange because I’m a very private person, but thousands of people ask me questions about snails every day.

"I was just posting photos of my pets, and the second video I posted blew up massively. I became an influencer all of a sudden.

"My oldest son is of that age, so he helps me with my social media. He was the one who suggested I should go to TikTok."

Two years down the line she now runs her own snail breeding business and owns over 5,000 snails.

She keeps them safe in a warehouse, and the business has taken off so much she no longer has to rely on benefits.

Kris now has three employees, and generates five figures each month.

The mum added: "My life has totally changed. I was living in a council flat and receiving food donations from a church.

"I still live in the same flat but the snails saved my life."

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