Sour Patch Kids Cereal to Debut in December Has Twitter Going Crazy

Sour Patch Kids are officially making the jump from candy carton to cereal bowl! After weeks of speculation, Post confirmed a Sour Patch Kids cereal will debut on December 26 at Walmart, with a wider release slated for June 2019.

The breakfast item’s arrival was formally announced via a press release from the food company on Tuesday, November 13, and it is expected to have a fruity taste, not unlike the tart candies it is modeled after. The cereal, which comes in “kid”-shaped pieces, also features “a sour coating and a sweet finish.” Bustle reports Sour Patch Kids cereal will retail for about $4 a box.

Those lucky enough to taste the cereal already have praised it for being startlingly similar to Sour Patch Kids candies. In fact, according to Thrillist, the experience begins as soon as you open the box and are hit with a “distinct wave of that soury, sugary Sour Patch Kids smell.”

What’s more? The cereal pieces resemble “dehydrated tiny Sour Patch Kids” and are loaded with tart flavor, giving them a taste not unlike Sour Patch Fruity Pebbles. And while you might assume the cereal makes milk sour on contact, that’s apparently not the case. Instead, the dairy component retains an “artificial tartness that tastes pretty good.”

Still, despite the positive review, not everyone is on board with Sour Patch Kids cereal. Check out some divided Twitter reactions below:

Tell Us: Would you try Sour Patch Kids cereal?

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