Stepdad’s question about sharing bath with partner’s three-year-old son

A stepdad is asking for advice on whether it is ok for him to share a bath with his partner’s three-year-old son.

The man is keen for opinions from other parents after he didn’t know how to react when the youngster wanted to get in the bath with him.

The unnamed stepfather who has been with the boy’s mum for two years took to Reddit to explain his dilemma.

He revealed that the youngster’s biological father doesn’t have anything to do with him, however him and the young boy do have a good relationship.

He wrote: "I usually shower, but had a bath today and my stepson came in and wanted to get in the bath with me.

"I said no and his mum came up and took him downstairs. He was confused because he gets in mummy’s bath."

The man went on to explain that his partner has no issues with the pair sharing a bath.

He added: "And I’m not really bothered as he will just sit one end and play with his toys, but I’m worried about if he says something at nursery and they take it the wrong way.

"I was wondering how other people have handled this situation and what people feel about it."

The post has received around 15 replies, the majority saying there is nothing wrong with it.

Some of the responses included: "For me personally, I feel like 3 is a little on the old side to be bathing with a parent…HOWEVER, I know that it’s a common thing to be doing at that age still."

Another added: "I don’t think it would be wrong since the boy’s biological father isn’t involved so you pretty much are the real father.

"That said, depending on where you live your concerns about how it might look are I think legitimate too.

"If you would rather not because you feel it could put you in a compromising position that’s a valid reason and okay. There’s nothing wrong with saying no either."

Among the other comments, people suggest that as long as the mother is happy for the pair to share a bath that’s all that matters.

And a third said: "It’s fine! You don’t have to if you don’t want to though. His mum can explain to him you prefer not to share your bath."

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