Stereo Jane Debuts Carefree New Video For ‘Real World’ — Watch

The ladies of Stereo Jane have a brand new music video for their fun song, ‘Real World,’ and HollywoodLife is premiering it EXCLUSIVELY right here!

Sisters Sydney and Mia Schmier make up the rising cross-genre duo, Stereo Jane, and we have an EXCLUSIVE look at the new lyric video for their song “Real World.” The track is a follow-up to their previous single, “Holy Hell.” On the song, the girls sing about wanting to stay young and reckless, as opposed to living in the ‘real world’ and having the responsibilities of adults. The video shows them having fun and being carefree as they drive around with the top down, frolic on the beach, race through a parking garage in a shopping cart and more.

“Real World is a song about not wanting to grow up,” Stereo Jane told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “It’s about facing the reality of adult life — the life we didn’t know existed when we were kids. It was fun for us to write it because we were letting off some steam that day. The first lyric of the song is about something that happened to us just hours before we wrote it. Our car literally broke down on us that day.”

The video is super simple, and the ladies even shared a hilarious note with their fans at the beginning of the footage. “We had a production budget for this lyric video,” they wrote. “Then we spent it on White Claws and extra guac at Chipotle. Welcome to the REAL WORLD.” The sisters were inspired by artists like Twenty One Pilots, Imagine Dragons, Queen, Aretha Franklin and Amy Winehouse while writing this powerful track, while they also make sure to stay true to their unique and original sound.

The ladies of Stereo Jane moved from a suburb of Detroit all the way to Los Angeles to pursue a career in music, and have been honing in on their sound since their arrival. Sydney takes the lead on vocals for the duo, while Mia plays the drums. “Holy Hell” and “Real World” are just a taste of what’s next to come from these talented sisters!

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