Study finds women sleep better next to dogs than their male partners

Are you struggling with your sleep?

We might just know the best trick and it'll involve your dog.

According to a study, women who snooze next to their furry friends get a better shut eye than when it's with their partners.

Dr Christy L Hoffman, an animal behaviour professor in New York, conducted the research with her team to find the results.

The experts surveyed 926 adult women in the US who discovered these females snoozed better with their dogs beside them.

It's all because the animals provided the ladies with a greater sense of security and comfort – unlike humans.

Dr Christy told Healthline: "In comparison to human bed partners, dogs may be better at accommodating their human's sleep schedule.

"It's not uncommon for human bed partners to go to bed at very different times and wake up at very different times.

"Such differences in partners' schedules can certainly disrupt sleep.

"It may be that dog bed partners adapt more readily to their owner's schedule than do human bed partners."

As for cats, they were found to be just as disruptive as humans and didn't provide the same sense of security as a dog or human.

The doctor was keen to make it clear that sharing a bed with a dog might not work for everyone though.

She added: "The keyword here is perception.

"This [study is based on] individuals self-reporting how they feel their sleep is affected and it's important to note that this is based on aggregated data and an average of responses, so getting a dog won't solve everyone's sleep problems."

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After all some dogs snore and need to get up to urinate in the middle of the night, just like men.

Plus sharing a bed with a big dog probably won't be the same cosy feeling as with a small puppy.

So if your lady friends kicks you out of bed, you know why…

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