Swedish mum-to-be stuns locals at a Jamaican twerk contest with her VERY cheeky moves

HAULING a baby bump about all day can be exhausting but being able to twerk with it is mind blowing.

Swedish tourist, Johanna Jonker, who was around seven months pregnant at the time, took part in a twerking competition while on holiday in Jamaica.

The dancer, who goes by the name ‘Monkey Jo’ shared a video of herself twerking to RDX’s song, Jump.

Monkey Jo captioned her video, “Who let this pregnant lady loose?” using the hashtags, #Margaritaville #OchoRios and #28weekspregnant.

The video went viral, but the mum-to-be came under fire on social media.


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Mum-to-be Johanna Jonker smiles as she finishes her twerkCredit: Facebook

Rather than applaud her for her skillful dancing internet users slammed her for being 'careless' and 'tasteless'.

With users shaming the expectant mother for her wild dance moves, claiming they could have harmed the baby.

While others defended her saying that nothing was wrong with her moves, and instead compared it to a rigorous cardio workout.

With one person even pointing out how impressively 'flexible' she is for a pregnant woman.

No matter which camp you’re in, twerking is hard, as anyone who’s tried it will tell you.

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