Sweet nickname Meghan Markle is called by her mum

Lots of us have nicknames that have been given to us by our parents from when we were kids.

Some of them are embarrassing, and others are just really sweet – and it turns out Meghan Markle has a nickname her mum still calls her by that’s completely adorable.

Doria Ragland has called Meghan by one name in particular since she was a little girl, which The Duchess of Sussex revealed on The Tig when she turned 35.

She wrote: "My team and I thought it may be fun to turn the tables on me and have yours truly answer the very Tig Talk I crafted when I first started this site."

In response to the question "My nickname is…" Meghan replied: "My nickname is Meg, MM, M&M, and Flower (which my mum has called me since I was little)."


Prince Harry has previously admitted that he calls his wife Meg, while she calls him "my love".

And they’re not the only ones with nicknames for one another.

Lots of members of the royal family have given each other all kinds of bizarre nicknames .

According to royal sources, the Prince of Wales calls Meghan ‘Tungsten’, because, just like the super-tough metal, she’s "tough and unbending".

Meanwhile the Queen has a very cute nickname from the younger royals, including Prince George and Princess Charlotte who reportedly call her ‘Gan-Gan’.

Prince Philip also has his own names for the Queen, and some of them are strange.

Apparently the main nickname he uses for the love of his life is Lilibet , but he also occasionally calls her Sausage .

Kate Middleton was given a funny childhood nickname from the class guinea pig.

Speaking during a visit to her old school St Andrews, in Pangbourne, Berkshire, she explained: "There was one called Pip and one called Squeak, so my sister was called Pip and I was Squeak".

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