Tamasa Distribution Acquires Latest Pics by Volker Schlondörff, Signe Baumane, Readies Bertrand Tavernier, Carlos Saura Retrospectives (EXCLUSIVE)

France’s Tamasa Distribution has acquired a number of new films and classic titles, including works by Volker Schlondörff, Signe Baumane, Alain Cavalier and Jean-Louis Bertucelli.

The Paris-based distributor secured Schlondörff’s new documentary “The Forest Maker,” a portrait of Australian agronomist Tony Rinaudo, who has found a way to grow trees in the most barren areas by activating the tree stumps and roots that have continued to live for decades. Known as Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration, the method has secured the livelihood of thousands of farmers in Africa’s Sahel region, restoring not only soil but dignity and hope.

Tamasa also picked up Baumane’s award-wining animated film “My Love Affair With Marriage,” which premiered this year at the Tribeca Festival and won the jury prize at the Annecy Animation Festival. It follows Zelma, who is convinced from an early age that love would solve all her problems as long as she conforms to societal expectations. As she grows older, however, something doesn’t seem right with this concept of love, and the more she tries to conform, the more her body resists.

In Cavalier’s latest work, the personal documentary “L’Amitié,” the French filmmaker shoots friends and acquaintances, among them actor and lyricist Boris Bergman, Maurice Bernart, who produced the director’s 1986 work “Thérèse,” and Thierry Labelle, who appeared in the 1993 dystopian drama “Libera Me.”

Tamasa has also acquired French rights to Iván Zulueta’s recently restored 1979 Spanish classic “Arrebato” (“Rapture”), which screens at the Lumière Festival’s International Classic Film Market (MIFC) in Lyon.

In addition, the company acquired and restored in 4K Claire Devers 1986 Cannes Golden Camera winner “Noir et Blanc.”

Likewise newly added to Tamasa’s catalog is a 4K restoration of Jean-Louis Bertucelli’s debut film, the 1970 drama “Ramparts of Clay,” about a workers strike at an Algerian salt mine.

Tamasa will release all the films in 2023.

The distributor is also planning two retrospectives next year, one of the films by Spanish director Carlos Saura, the other showcasing the works of the late Bertrand Tavernier, who served as president of the Institut Lumière from its founding in 1982 until his death in 2021.

Moreover, its upcoming DVD editions include Luis Buñuel’s 1955 Mexican film “The Criminal Life of Archibaldo de la Cruz”; Federico Fellini’s 1986 comedy-drama “Ginger & Fred”; Pedro Almodóvar’s 1985 black comedy “Matador”; and a DVD boxset collecting the works of French filmmaker René Clair, whose career spanned the 1920s to the 1960s.

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