Tattooed woman ‘erases’ inkings in seconds with one swipe of foundation

When a woman shared a video of herself 'erasing' her tattoos, internet users were sent into a frenzy.

The heavily-inked lass used a new foundation to effortlessly cover her body art.

Coloured Raine uploaded the clip to Twitter this morning, seeing a staggering 2.1million viewers flood in within the first 12 hours.

The optical illusion captured a tatted woman shade-matching a new foundation on her arm.

After placing streak of the flesh-coloured make-up on her arm, a section of her tattoos disappeared.

More inkings also vanish as she covers the backside of her hand in the product.

By the end of the clip, the woman's arm is entirely covered in the foundation – and no tattoos are visible.

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Viewers have since raved about the foundation, sending the internet into a flurry.

One viewer said: "I thought they were wiping the tatts away."

A second commented: "It looks like this person is washing their hand of the tattoos."

Others mistakenly thought the inkings were temporary.

A responder remarked: "I thought this was the next generation of temporary tattoo technology."

Another agreed: "I thought this was an advert for erasable tattoos."

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The product is set to go live in early 2020, according to their Twitter.

Only days ago, a facial tattoo gallery exposed the strangest and downright silliest inkings they have.

Lesya Toumaniantz, 18, for example, made headlines around the world when she allowed her then-boyfriend Rouslan to tattoo his name across her face in gothic script.

At that point, they’d been together for just over a day.

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