Tayshia, Caelynn, & Cassie Seem To Have Made Amends Since ‘The Bachelor’

Only four women remain on Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor, and considering that Tayshia was bad-mouthing both Cassie and Caelynn to Colton last week — claiming neither of them were there for the right reasons — it’s easy to assume that a friendship between all three of them outside of the show would be unlikely. So are Caelynn and Cassie friends with Tayshia after The Bachelor or did her recent remarks sever that chance of ever happening? While we’ll have to wait until the Women Tell All to get a better handle on the current dynamic between them, if their Instagram posts are any indication, they’ve managed to put the whole thing behind them and are opting to empower one another instead.

Granted, there’s only so much that you can tell from someone’s Instagram photos, but Cassie’s account in particular seems to indicate that there are no hard feelings between her and any of her fellow contestants, despite all the drama that tends to go down. Tayshia may have made things a little tough for Cassie and Caelynn during the final weeks of the show, but behind the scenes, things are rarely as tense and troublesome as they appear on-screen, which Cassie’s social media makes more than evident.

Back in January, Cassie posted a group photo of herself along with several of the other female contestants, including Tayshia, and wrote:

The fact that Cassie makes a point of saying how the competitive environment wasn’t enough to break the lasting bonds of friendships created during this experience feels like proof in itself that she and Tayshia remain on good terms with one another in the months after filming.

As if that wasn’t enough, a few weeks after that Cassie posted another group shot of the remaining women in Vietnam, all of whom she couldn’t help but praise.

She wrote in the caption:

Caelynn isn’t as forthcoming with her Instagram posts, but she did upload a group, which included Tayshia. It didn’t come with a heartfelt caption, but that could prove that she isn’t holding any grudges as well. Furthermore, Tayshia posted the same photo on Instagram and even tagged Caelynn in it, which also bodes well for their friendship.

Again, nothing can be said with absolute certainty until we see them all together during the Women Tell All, however, all signs point to that this confrontation is but a small hiccup in their friendship. Maybe they won’t get together all the time now that The Bachelor is over, but when their paths do cross it’d probably be nothing less than cordial.

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