‘Team of two’ Kate Middleton’s body language with William shows ‘even status’ and ‘power’

Kate Middleton’s absence from public life discussed by reporter

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Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince William are both senior working members of the Royal Family. The couple are kept very busy in their role as well as having three children to bring up, Prince George, eight, Princess Charlotte, six, and Prince Louis, three.

Their roles within the monarchy are likely to grow in the future, with William being second in line to the throne.

As well as attending events together, the Duchess will often attend engagements on her own.

She is patron to several organisations and charities and has even attended events on behalf of the Queen.

When Kate and William are seen together, their signals mirror one another, according to one body language expert.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, body language expert Judi James, explained: “It’s interesting that William and Kate have developed their own signature body language rituals that are distinctly different from any other heirs to the throne and their husbands or wives.

“Other royal couples have used complimentary body language rituals, taking two very different roles on royal visits, but William and Kate’s are mirrored.”

According to the expert, they “adopt identical poses and move with matching symmetry”.

Judi added: “This postural echo or twinned body language not only defines a close, like-minded relationship, it also suggests even status and power.

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“The signals they send off are of an even-handed formation team of two.”

Kate and William are often photographed sitting in the same position as well as clasping their hands at the same time.

The expert went on: “The couple do also adopt complimentary body language at times though, with one using status-lowering signals or becoming the audience to the other while the one speaking will use more active gesticulation to get their message across. 

“This ability to switch from twinned to contrasting, complimentary body language rituals suggests a lack of any jealousy, resentment or desire to compete for attention between them.”

Earlier this year, the couple visited Scotland where they visited different businesses and organisations.

Analysing their signals from their trip, Judi explained that they often mirrored one another’s head tilts and facial expressions.

She said: “When they start to speak though we can see them taking it in turns to take the spotlight while the other looks like a rather respectful fan. 

“In many ways they are like a non-verbal PR for their own spouse and their messages.”

In one photo, Kate can be seen gazing at her husband when he is speaking, something she is often seen doing.

Judi explained that this makes what William is saying look “twice as interesting”.

When the Duchess was seen speaking, the Duke returned the compliment by “clasping his hands and watching with matching signals of interest”.

The couple are also often seen laughing and joking with one another when in public.

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