‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Leah Messer Breaks Down Her Split From Jason Jordan: ‘He Wasn’t In A Great Place’

Leah Messer of just got real about her split from Jason Jordan! The ‘Teen Mom 2’ star told HL EXCLUSIVELY if there’s a chance at reconciliation!

Leah Messer may be fresh off of a breakup, but she’s absolutely killing it — especially with her new podcast Life Reboot on PodcastOne. The Teen Mom 2 star told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY what her feelings about her breakup with Jason Jordan are at this moment. When asked if she’d reconcile with Jason, whom she dated for six months, she told us, “I’m just honestly focused on me right now. I think that’s where I’m at. I’m open to whatever God has for my life, his plan.”

And while she’s not ruling out having more children, she wants it to be with the right guy. She also commented on whether that that person might be Jason down the line. “I’m open to having more kids with the right person,” she admitted. “I’m not saying Jason’s not the right person. I’m not saying that anyone — I don’t know.” She also gave some more insight inside their breakup “He wasn’t in a great place in his life, and it is what it is,” she went on to say. “It’s fine.”

However, despite all of the breakup drama, Leah reveals she’s doing incredibly well! “I would say that I’m at the best place in my life that I’ve ever been. Ever been,” she went on to say. Meanwhile her “motivational and inspirational” podcast Life Reboot is all about getting “really personal” about her own life, and will “definitely talk about relationships.” We’ll keep you posted with all of the latest news surrounding Leah. In the meantime, check out the pics of her and Jason from back when they were couple in our gallery above!

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