‘Teen Mom OG’: Amber Portwood Suffers A Pregnancy Scare — Is She Expecting Again?

Due to feeling under the weather during the Nov. 12 episode of ‘Teen Mom OG’, Amber Portwood decided it was best to take a pregnancy test. So is she expecting again? Find out!

All the moms flew to New York City for press week during the Nov. 12 episode of Teen Mom OG, and it was the first time Amber, Maci and Catelynn met Cheyenne and Bristol. Tensions were high at first, but nothing was more nerve-wrecking for Amber than the thought of being pregnant again. Amber had told both Andrew and her co-stars that she wasn’t feeling well, and each time she brought it up, everyone suggested that she take a pregnancy test. At first, Amber thought that would be ludicrous since she “just got off” her period, but after some convincing upon returning home, she gave in and took a pregnancy test. Andrew was elated by the idea of giving baby James some more siblings — he even said he wants at least four kids with Amber. Sadly (depending on who you ask), Amber wasn’t pregnant. But she did convince Andrew she was for a hot minute, and he got really excited. But once she revealed the truth — that she’s not expecting — he seemed a bit depressed, which confused Amber. She asked him whether he wanted her to be pregnant, and he sort of changed the subject, saying he’s perfectly happy because they have James — “What more could I want?” he asked.

Meanwhile, Maci finally discovered that Ryan had gone back to rehab. She seemed to be happy about his decision — obviously — but she told her friend that if he left before the 90-day program was complete, things would go right back to the way they were and she wouldn’t allow him to see Bentley very much. She also said that she truly hopes Ryan gets better because when he’s truly himself, he’s a good person. She said he has the ability to be smart, funny and personable.

And speaking of rehab, Tyler visited his dad, Butch, in Austin, where he’s currently living in a sober home, following his stay in rehab. It’s good news for Tyler’s family, but they were also left dealing with his sister Amber’s addiction too. Both his parents said she’s extremely upset over the fact that Tyler doesn’t seem to like her, but from what we saw, it seems he’s just disappointed in her for her addiction and doesn’t want to have to deal with another family member’s issues. And we can’t say we blame him, considering he’s recently had to deal with both Catelynn and Butch’s rehab stays. It’s a lot for one person to take on emotionally.

Finally, Bristol accused Dakota of stealing a lot of her money (we’re not sure how much). Apparently, a lot of her money ended up in his bank account. He claimed it was a mistake their accountant made, but she felt differently. So she tried putting him in jail for 18 months. Plus, she obviously wants her money back, so there’s that as well. Like we said, he told producers it was all a misunderstanding, but he was more upset by the fact that Bristol had told their kids about the money issue. Not cool, Bristol.

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