‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Ryan Edwards Faces Nearly 1 Year In Jail If Found Guilty Of Violating His Probation

Ryan Edwards is in big trouble after violating his probation. While he’s still sitting in jail awaiting his next court date, a lawyer tells us he could face up to a year behind bars.

As former Teen Mom OG star Ryan Edwards continues to sit in jail following his Jan. 23 arrest for theft and heroin possession (even though his theft of services charge was dismissed on Feb. 4), he could be spending a lot more time behind bars if he doesn’t get a good defense attorney. He could face up to a year in prison! “All those charges are Class A misdemeanors in Tennessee. There are three classes, C, B, and A, with A being the most serious (DUI, theft under $1000, and simple assault are all class A misdemeanors),” John C. Barnes, Tennessee State criminal defense attorney EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife.com.

John explains, “No felonies.  If he’s violated his probation on them, his worst case is 11 months and 29 days in jail, and up to a $2,500 fine.” Yikes! Ryan has a nearly four-month-old son Jagger home with wife Mackenzie Standifer and it would be absolutely heartbreaking to think that the baby would go so long without his daddy present.Ryan’s  outstanding warrants stemmed from Dec. 2018 and April 2017, respectively.

Ryan is still locked up and could stay that way until his next court appearance on Apr. 15. He appeared before a judge on Feb. 4th and she dismissed his theft charge but he remains jailed. So could he get out before then? “In Tennessee, people charged with crime have a constitutional right to bail, pending trial, BUT that right is not absolute,” John tells us.

“For example, if you pick up new charges while on bail, that might be a reason to revoke your bond/bail and leave you sitting in jail pending trial.  Bail can’t be revoked just because you were arrested, a hearing must be held to determine if (1) you are a danger to the community and (2) if you will show up to court. It’s likely the court has revoked his bond and he will remain jailed until his next court date, at least,” John reveals.

Ryan violated his probation when he ordered six Jack Daniels whiskey drinks at Bud’s bar in Hamilton County, Tennessee  then left without paying the $36 bill in December of 2018. He was arrested for theft of services the next month on Jan. 23 and also charged at the time with heroin possession, another violation. His baby mamas Mackenzie and Teen Mom OG star Maci Bookout are showing the troubled MTV star their support. Maci took to Instagram on Feb. 4 and shred a pic of their modern blended family, including Ryan and Maci’s son Bentley,  Maci’s daughter, Jayde, 3, and son, Maverick, 2, with her husband, Taylor McKinney, and Mackenzie’s son from a previous relationship. For these two women to end their feud and come together in such a big way should give Ryan more reasons to clean up his act.

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