The 10 Richest Women In Silicon Valley, As Of 2022


Silicon Valley has become a hub for innovation and houses many headquarters from the top tech corporations in the world. The valley in Santa Clara received its nickname from Electronics Magazine journalist Don Hoefler who referred to the then-semiconductor-populated industry as Silicon Valley. Over the years, it developed into a place for research, creativity, and technology that has the potential to shape the world. Tech giants including Meta, Google, and HP have resided their headquarters in California. While the founders of many establishments are male, some strong women have been running the business behind the scenes and have made millions from their equity stakes and shares.

The list of the wealthiest women in Silicon Valley of 2022 includes venture capitalists, board members of tech giants, and philanthropists who have been early investors in famous companies. Through their leadership and dedication to the businesses, they have become billionaires. Let’s look at the wealthiest women in Silicon Valley as of 2022.

10 Theresia Gouw ($600 million)


After working with the consultancy firm Bain & Company and venture capital establishment Accel Partners, Theresia Gouw co-founded Aspect Ventures in 2014. According to Forbes, four years later, she started a venture capital firm Acrew Capital that primarily invests in security and software technology. Her successful investments have made her the world’s richest venture capitalist.

9 Susan Wojcicki ($765 million)

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Susan Wojcicki rented her garage in Menlo Park in 1998 to Google. It became the company’s headquarters before moving to Mountain View. After working at Intel, Wojcicki joined Google and became the first marketing manager. She helped the company generate revenue through ads and later moved base to YouTube in 2010. Since 2014, she has been the CEO of the popular video-streaming site YouTube.

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8 Marissa Mayer ($770 million)


Marissa Mayer has ventured into several businesses to gain a $770 million fortune through investments and work. She achieved the feat of being the 20th employee at Google and the first female engineer for the tech giant. After resigning in 2012, she became the CEO of Yahoo until resigning in 2017. Three years later, she launched her tech company Lumi Labs, a business incubator.

7 Safra Catz ($1.5 billion)


A woman of power, Safra Catz became the Chief Executive Officer of Oracle in 2014. She joined the company in 1999 and served in many positions, including CFO and President. Since undertaking the role of the President, Oracle has made over 85 successful acquisitions. She also served on the Board of Directors for the Walt Disney Company and was a bank executive for HSBC, as noted by Oracle.

6 Sheryl Sandberg ($1.6 billion)

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Sheryl Sandberg worked as the Chief of Staff for then-treasury Secretary Larry Summers in 1999 before she pivoted toward Silicon Valley. She joined Google as a business unit general manager while the company was still in its early years. After working at Google for seven years, Mark Zuckerberg persuaded her to join his startup Facebook in 2007. She was appointed as the COO and worked with the organization until 2020.

5 Jayshree Ullal ($1.9 billion)


One of the wealthiest female executives in America, Jayshree Ullal, was raised in India before she moved her base to the United States. She serves as the CEO and President of Arista Networks, one of her biggest sources of wealth. The billionaire also sits on the Board of cloud computing company Snowflake, which increased in value after filing its IPO in September 2020. She owns a 5% stake in Arista, valued at $32.59 billion.

4 Alice Schwartz ($2.3 billion)


After graduating in biochemistry, Alice and her husband, David Schwartz, founded Bio-Rad Laboratories with their $720 worth of savings in 1952. After filing an IPO in 1966, the company was on the American Stock Exchange in 1980. Schwartz owns an 11% stake in Bio-Rad and served on the Board until 2020. At the age of 92, she is the oldest billionaire in the world.

3 Meg Whitman ($3.1 billion)


Meg Whitman initially refused the offer to become the President and CEO of eBay; however, after hearing the customer testimonial, she was impressed enough to take the role until 2008. As mentioned by Britannica, Whitman became a board member for Hewlett-Packard in 2011, and she remained the CEO of its Enterprise division until 2017 before stepping down.

2 Melinda Gates ($10.4 billion)

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The ex-wife of billionaire and co-founder of Microsoft Bill Gates, the couple announced their separation in May 2021, which caused a shift in their net worths. The couple split their fortune equally, each receiving $65.25 billion. She has already begun putting her money into the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

1 MacKenzie Scott ($33.4 billion)

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After the divorce finalization with Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, MacKenzie Scott became the wealthiest woman in the world with a $68 billion net worth. As Scott has signed the Giving Pledge, she is donating her wealth to various charities. As stated by CNN, she donated $1.7 billion from her fortune to 116 organizations. More recently, the philanthropist gave $84.5 million to Girl Scouts in the US.

Other notable female silicon valley millionaires include Michelle Zatlyn, Mary West, Neha Narkhede, Pamela Lopker, Therese Tucker, and Jacqueline Reses. These women have inspired and paved the way for upcoming young female entrepreneurs wishing to become Silicon Valley icons.

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