‘The Bachelor’ mansion survives California wildfire ‘unscathed’

The rose will live on!

Despite being in the the dangerous path of the California wildfires, the mansion featured on the popular ABC show “The Bachelor” escaped destruction, USA TODAY has confirmed.

Reporter Chris Woodyard visited the mansion Saturday, tweeting a picture of the house, which has served as the backdrop for “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” since 2007.

Each season of the reality show begins with the starting contestants moving into the home, which serves as the set for the first few weeks. The front of the house has a long driveway in which limousines pull up to disgorge contestants anxious to try to make an impression on the star.

The house is situated along a major thoroughfare in the blackened mountains. The road is dotted with downed power poles and lines. Police kept a steady watch on the estate to prevent looting. The area is under a strict evacuation order.

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