The best cats of 2020 who got us through a tough year

Whatever 2020 has thrown at us, there’s one thing that will help get us through: the existence of cats.

When we were working from home, our cat colleagues kept us company. When we had lockdown blues, cats were there to provide us comfort.

Even if you’re not a pet owner, you can still get immense joy from cats, whether in the form of stroking a feline pal you meet on a walk or just gazing at photos of other people’s kitties.

Below, we’ve recapped our favourite cats of 2020 – the ones who made us laugh, cry, and momentarily forget our troubles.

Heads up, these are non-celeb cats. If you want to look at famous people’s pets, that article is right here.


Cat the split-face kitty

The Dean of Canterbury’s attention-stealing cat

Chunky cat Iris, who can’t fit through her cat flap

Ba Dun, who didn’t want to be left alone

Kee Kee, who keeps stealing underwear

Zico, the kitten who managed to wrangle an entire bag of treats

This comedian cat

Carmilla, who got ‘wildly high’ after eating a weed cookie

Tula the Toby Carvery fan


Monique, who finally got her happy ending

This selfie-taking kitty

Pop cat

Jesse the U2 fan

Missy, the first cat to be adopted in lockdown

Vibing cat


Cindy Lou The Smol

Adventurous cat Quita


Naughty Nellie, who took a bite out of every biscuit in the pack

Studious cat George

Reed, the cat with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome


Perdita, also known as the ‘world’s worst cat’

Lady In A Fur Coat, who got kitted out with some crocheted ears

Rebellious cat Pumpkin, who kept returning to Tesco despite being banned

TV-loving cat Georgie

Grumpy cat Meow Meow

Banana-loving Bean

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