The exact day of the week to shop at Tesco – and it could save you half the price of your groceries

SHOPPING at Tesco can be a real chore, particularly if you're worried about keeping costs down.

But if you can be smart about when you do the weekly shop, you could save as much as 50% on your groceries.

Supermarket prices are rising at an alarming rate for many shoppers, so it's more important than ever to curb costs.

It's always important think about which items you pick up off the shelf, to make sure you're securing the best bargains when you get there.

And taking advantage of loyalty schemes can help lower your bill at the checkout.

But did you know the day of the week you do your shop can have a impact to?

We reveal how you can bag all the best bargains at Tesco, and when exactly you need to hit the superstore to score them.


You’ve been doing your Tesco shopping all wrong – how to bag bargains

The exact day of the week to do your online food shop to get the best deals

When should I visit Tesco?

Often, there's a specific time you should hit supermarkets if you want to stand a chance at snagging reduced items.

For example, an ex-M&S employee told us that going to the posh store "later on in the day" meant you could get reduced bargains – or yellow stickers as most shoppers call them.

Tesco does this too, and savvy shoppers have also noted that evenings are when you stand your best chance at picking up a good deal.

SkintDad blogger has Naomi Willis said that the later in the day that you go, the more chance there is to get 50% off.

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She explained it’s best to go after 8pm or around 30 minutes before smaller stores close.

This is when the store will be pushing all its close to sell-by date stock.

But Tesco can launch new offers on any day of the week – so there's no exact day that you have to plan to do the big Tesco shop.

There isn't a specific day for when deals hit shelves, and sometimes they'll last for several weeks, for example the popular 25% off wine offer.

You can check to find out what's on offer at the moment.

One thing to watch out for is how long Clubcard offers stick around.

These are the specific loyalty discounts that members get when they sign up to the free scheme.

Clubcard members get cheaper prices when shopping in store and online throughout the year – but bargains don't hang around.

For example, online right now Persil washing tablets are reduced from £9.50 to £8.50 for Clubcard holders – that means you can save £1 on your shop if you're a member.

The offer only launched two days ago, and is available until May 10.

Another example, is a pack of four classic Magnum ice creams – but shoppers have less time to snag this bargain.

The frozen treats have been discounted from £3.25 to £3, saving Clubcard members 25p – but the cheaper price is only in place until Monday.

How else can I slash my supermarket spends?

Other simple tips will help you save on your supermarket spends too.

Shopping around is a great first step.

You don't have to stay loyal to Tesco, Clubcard in tow – you can try out other supermarkets as they may have cheaper offers available.

It doesn't have to be another supermarket either, as one savvy shopper managed to save over £200 on her food shop by taking a trip to the wholesalers instead.

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You can also try planning your meals, or taking advantage of supermarket loyalty schemes.

And some supermarkets even have their own discount codes that you can snap up too.

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