The foods a beauty expert refuses to eat after losing 30 kilograms

‘I look like I have turned the clock back 15 years’: Beauty expert, 53, reveals the secrets to her youthful look after losing 30 kilos – and the foods she will NEVER eat again

  • Bernadette Fisers from Melbourne once tipped the scales at a 130 kilograms  
  • A self-devised diet helped the 53-year-old shed 30 kilograms in just 30 weeks  
  • As well as feeling healthier, her new approach to food has improved her skin
  • She reveals the foods that help her look like she’s turned back the clock 15 years

Australian makeup artist Bernadette Fisers once tipped the scales at a staggering 130 kilograms.

Through a self-devised diet built on a collection of eating tips gleaned through years of working with top models and stars, the 53-year-old mum shed 30 kilograms in just 30 weeks.

As well as sporting a much slimmer frame, Ms Fisers also boasts how dieting has benefited her appearance. 

Speaking to Body + Soul, she said her skin looks like she has ‘turned the clock back fifteen years’, an accomplishment she said was possible through not eating certain foods. 

Bernadette Fisers once tipped the scales at a staggering 130kg but overhauled her lifestyle through a self-devised diet

Ms Fisers was able to shed a staggering 30kg in just 30 weeks through embracing a self-devised eating plan (pictured before: left, and after: right)

Ms Fisers, who recently released a new book The little book of Big Beauty, believes sticking to the basic rules of nutrition was the only way to achieve sustainable weight loss.

She told the publication that above all else eating whole foods are a must. This meant dispensing with any foods that are overly processed. 

‘These are foods that don’t need a label, like vegetables, fruit, fish, etc,’ she explained.

And she advises steering clear of any foods labelled ‘diet’. 

Above all else, Ms Fisers firmly believes any healthy nutritional plan needs to embrace whole foods and eschew anything labeled ‘diet’

Ms Fisers eats a diet that’s laden with fresh fruit and vegetables and also include good fats and protein in the form of salmon (stock images, left and right)

When it comes to choosing protein, a component that’s essential to any healthy eating plan, Ms Fiser chooses a mix of red meat, eaten once a week, fish and chicken.

Fresh or lightly steamed vegetables complement her meals and she sticks to wholegrain carbs where possible.

She said while processed carbs, such as white bread and pasta, may feature these are only ever in very limited quantities.

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Bernadette Fisers’ top five diet tips: 

1. Remove all temptation

For those wanting to start making serious inroads to changing the way they eat, Ms Fisers recommends starting by cleaning out the cupboards ‘of all the crap’. 

‘If you haven’t got it available, you’re not going to eat it.’ 

2. Shun sugar and shop smarter

Ms Fisers recommends filling your fridge with healthy, fresh whole foods, and notes that ‘when you get rid of the stuff out of your house make a commitment to stay away from sugar. 

3. Pack your own treats of on-the-go snacks

The temptation to eat whatever is immediately accessible for an energy boost can lead to a blow-out. Instead, Ms Fisers suggests to plan your day in advance and prepare for those moments when you know you’ll be hungry

4. Make mini fasting your new habit

Ms Fisers swears fasting each day between 7pm and 10am has significantly contributed to realigning her metabolism, and helping increase the speed of her weight loss

5. Get up and get out

‘What I say is to try to do 10,000 steps a day. I wear a step-counter to keep track, and if I haven’t hit my target I go for a walk around the block.’ 

Good fats are also something the celebrity makeup artist embraced. Foods she will eat that are a natural source of healthy fat include salmon, sardines, avocado and nuts.

Keeping a sweet tooth under control is also something which can be challenging for dieters, Ms Fisers said.

Her rule is to make sure the house is as ‘sugar-free’ as possible and to enjoy fruit as a substitute. She said this should be eaten whole rather than juiced for extra fibre.

And she recommends drinking green tea in favour of any other type of tea. 

If your body is in need of a break, embrace the principle of fasting, something Ms Fisers said she does between the hours of 7pm and 10am each day 

Lastly, Ms Fisers suggests putting the kybosh on takeaway foods as these are usually laden with excess fat and sugar.

And for optimal gut health, drink a daily tonic consisting of apple cider vinegar diluted in warm water (usually best taken upon waking).

Her final suggestion to those wanting to overhaul their lifestyle is to stop eating at 7pm and don’t eat till 10am.

‘I am fasting overnight in order to give my body a well-needed break so it has time to repair itself.’     

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