The perfect Christmas gift for men based on their star sign – astrology expert tells all

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The clock is ticking and gift givers have less than a week to purchase Christmas presents for their fathers, husbands, uncles and brothers. Astrology expert Jessica Adams spoke exclusively to about what you should buy men this year according to their star sign.

For an Aries man, you can’t go wrong with a gift that’s football related, as they are extremely athletic.

But for a gift that allows them to kick back rather than kick a ball, a nice bottle of red wine will do the trick.

If they’re a fan of vinyl records, gift them some music by fellow Aries Elton John.

For lover of luxury Taurus, a cashmere scarf or any fashion items by Taurus David Beckham would go down a treat.

If the Taurus in question is your partner, enjoy the priceless gift of a George Clooney movie marathon; he’s a Taurus too, after all.

Jessica added: “Dublin is Taurus”, so a Taurus man would enjoy gifts from all-Irish brands such as Afternoon Tea biscuits or Guinness, or music by U2.

Gemini men would love to see a luxury Scrabble set or a home podcasting kit under their Christmas tree this year.

If you’re willing to splash the cash, dynamic Gemini also enjoys electronic gadgets such as the Apple watch.

For a Cancer man, buy him a gift membership for The National Trust, as they love nature and history.

They also like to get creative with “handyman equipment for DIY home renovations”.

Cancer has an extremely sentimental side, so would cherish a mug with a family photograph on it to keep on his desk.

The “latest books by Leo presidents-turned-authors Barack Obama or Bill Clinton” would keep a Leo man enthralled for hours, or Smythson stationary, as they love a luxury brand.

Ever the romantic, Libra men like to have their loved ones close by.

If you’re dating a Libra, a photo album filled with snaps of you together is the perfect present.

In a similar vein, “romantic music” by Libra men such as John Lennon, Bruce Springsteen and Ray Charles would be greatly appreciated.

Virgo men love to keep themselves fit and healthy, so opt for “a home exercise treadmill, a vegetarian or raw food cookbook, or new running shoes”.

For a Scorpio man, Microsoft gifts from fellow Scorpio Bill Gates will impress, or art inspired by Scorpio artist Picasso.

Born on November 23, Dr Who is a Sagittarius; gift the Sagittarius man in your life merchandise inspired by this British favourite TV show.

This free-spirited sign likes to explore, so while travelling may be difficult at present, a globe may inspire them to plan a fantastic post-pandemic adventure.

Or, as international travel doesn’t look promising, gift Sagittarius with a tent for some good, old-fashioned camping fun.

Capricorn men are known for working hard, so buy him an online course at Oxford University. 

While he’s studying, make his day by gifting him a “Boss” sign for his WFH desk.

Aquarius is a generous sign, so the perfect gift for an Aquarius man is a “donation to charity in his name”.

But for something to unwrap, he’ll enjoy getting his highly intellectual teeth stuck into “books on the environment or politics”.

Last but not least, this Christmas let Pisces relax with music from Pisces George Harrison or a DVD from Pisces Bill Bailey.

Men enjoy pampering too, especially water signs such as Pisces, so a home spa or bath salts would make an excellent gift.

Jessica Adams is the author of Essential Astrology for Women: astrology lovers can find her at 

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