‘The savings are incredible’: Save £1,000 on groceries a year buying out of date products

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Holly is a blogger who, since are early age, has had an incredible eye for a deal and making savings wherever possible. She recently spoke with Express.co.uk about how huge sums could be saved each each by shopping for foods that are best their best before dates.

The mum of four, who posts her tips on her Instagram account @hollyvlogs, has used her talents to found the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group.

She has claimed Britons could save £1,000 a year on their food shops by buying certain foods past their best before date.

Holly explained: “What happens when the supermarkets have products which pass their best before date, they send them off to these best before date supermarkets, which operate online.

“They have deals on there, which can update daily.”

One supermarket, called Cut Price Barry’s, offers deals if you buy online.

Holly said: “Say you order £15 worth of food, and when I say order £15 pounds of food I really mean about £100 worth of food, you’ll also qualify for a deal.

“I got a crate of Ketchup, 12 Ketchups for 12p. That’s 1p each and they had just passed the best before. They were totally fine to eat.”

Holly went on: “We’re in an age where there’s so much waste. A lot of money saving tips mean going back to traditional times, when you do use your nose, you do smell things and see if they are okay to eat.

“I know it’s hard now, especially for me because I had COVID so I can’t smell as well as I used to.

“But it’s perfectly fine to eat something that’s passed the best before date.

“By doing this you are saving probably about £1,000 pounds a year. The savings are incredible.”

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Holly knows the importance of saving money on groceries all to well as a mum ofr four.

She said: “Look on those websites and you can see how cheap like a multi pack of crips is, for example.

“You’re looking at 20p and they’re only a month past their best before date.

“One thing I will say about crisps is if you get them about eight months after the best core date sometimes they go a little bit soggy, but they’re still edible.

“But with me, I have four kids. Two of those kids are nine and 10, so they eat me out of a house and home.”

There are a number of online supermarkets which sell food past its best before date Holly recommends.

The first, Cut Price Barry’s, is a discount warehouse based in Halifax. Customers can order online with no minimum order.

At the time of writing deals at Cut Price Barry’s include a case of 10 300g Nesquick Banana Milkshake Mix for £10, 12 Fox’s Viennese Milk Chocolate buiscuit packs for £7.50 and a case of 32 Walkers Madras Curry grab bags for £5.

Approved Food also seels cut price food, but shoppers will need to register and sign in to shop.

Deals at the time of writing include a Walkers Classic Variety Crisps bag for £1, 200g pots of Heinz Beanz for 15p and three bags of Proper Chips Sea Salt Lentil Chips for 99p.

Holly also metioned Clearance XL. Here shoppers can shop online with delivery charges starting from £4.34.

Deals at the time of writing include 500ml of Kraft mayonnaise for 10p a jar, Value Spaghetti in Tomato Sauce for 29p or a Walkers Salt & Vinegar Quavers Multipack for 89p.

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