The Skincare Brand Everyone Will Be Talking About in 2019

Celebrity esthetician Shani Darden’s eponymous skincare line isn’t new. In fact, it officially launched on her website and in specialty boutiques five years ago with a gentle yet effective retinol serum that quickly became a cult-classic favorite among editors and celebrities alike. Basically, the goods have always been there. Yet it’s Darden’s latest launch that’s setting her brand up to be the most talked-about skincare collection of 2019. 

After coming out with her own texture and retinol serums, Darden said the natural next step was to expand her line with a new trio of everyday skincare essentials that were uncomplicated and effective. AKA, Darden didn’t want to just fill up your medicine cabinet. She wanted to save you space with core products that get the job done, whether that’s hydration or managing acne. With that goal, on December 1st, Darden officially dropped her Daily Cleansing Serum ($38), Daily Oil-Free Moisturizer ($42), and the Daily Toning Essence ($58). 

Today is the day and I literally want to cry!!!! I’ve been working on my new products for so long, and I couldn’t be more excited for everyone to try them. This is a pinch me moment and I’m SO grateful. ❤️ Tap the photo to snag my new Daily Cleansing Serum, Daily Toning Essence, and Daily Oil-Free Moisturizer! I can’t wait to hear what you think! #SkinbyShani

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“Rather than lines missing something, companies seem to want to deliver as many products as possible to the market so their lines are ‘complete,'” Darden says. “I think it is important to start with hero products and build from there. The focus should be a dedication to delivering really good, really needed products to the market.”

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And judging from the love they’ve received thus far, her creations might be pretty good. Perhaps you’ve seen Kim Kardashian West snapping pictures of the chic gray bottles (which we can call the official KKW stamp of approval), or Chrissy Teigen professing her love for Darden’s new trio of products on her Instagram Story. The list of Darden’s celebrity clientele and their praise for her understanding of the functionality of skin and addressing skin issues goes on and on. 

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While we haven’t personally tried Darden’s newest creations just yet, what we believe sets them apart is the fact that two of the three products are designed for all skin types, while all three are formulated without controversial ingredients like parabens, sulfates, and synthetic dyes, and they’re all free of fragrance.

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What’s just as impressive is what they do include. Darden’s oil-free moisturizer utilizes glycerin for hydration, and squalane + vitamin E to soothe and to maintain elasticity. The Toning Essence, which is one product Darden is particularly excited about, hydrates the skin, works to regulate oil production, and reduce the appearance of pores with the help of ingredients like antioxidant-rich sake water. We predict the essence, in particular, will receive just as much praise as Glossier’s Solution did in 2018. 

What’s noticeably missing? An SPF. But hey, maybe that’s what 2019 is for. 

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