The Truth Behind Cardi B and Nicki Minaj's Feud—As Explained By Astrology

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The tension between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj has been steadily rising for some time now, but the conflict met its apparent climax on Monday night. Cardi popped off on her Instagram in a 10-part video special addressing the comments Nicki made earlier that day on her radio talk show, Queen Radio, and well, it’s been predictably messy.

The next day, Nicki called quits on the fight and said she’ll move forward with positivity. Cardi B agreed, and it seems the battle is finally over. However, from an astrological perspective, a deeper look into the planetary action happening in the dueling hip-hop queens’ charts suggests this lull in energy may be the calm before the real storm.

On Monday, there was an absolutely electric atmosphere around all of us, not Cardi and Nicki. Mercury in Scorpio has been providing an analytical and sharp mindset that compels people to investigate secrets and expose the truth. It joined up with Jupiter, the planet of expansion and enhancement, which provides big ideas, loud thoughts, and a need to vocalize all of them. This energy alone can cause anyone to step on people’s toes from unapologetically speaking their mind and calling others out, but the vibe got way more intense when Uranus, planet of discord and disruption, got involved.

It had a strange interaction with Mercury called a quincunx that inspired unexpected conversations and shocking news causing explosive reactions. At the same time, Uranus and Venus (which is still retrograde and creating its own drama) entered an imbalanced angle with each other, causing further disruption. When the planet of spontaneity and the planet of relationships butt heads like this, chaos and confusion are guaranteed!

Me pretending to understand the Cardi and Nicki beef

A little about Cardi and Nicki; although we don’t know the exact birth time for either of these queens, there’s still a ton of information that can be taken from their charts to explain how and why this feud started. Cardi is a Libra, a sign usually known for its diplomacy, and while she isn’t exactly a delicate flower like the stereotype of her sign, her Moon in Aries explains her fiery personality. This Sun/Moon combo shows that Cardi loves to socialize with others, but gets easily bored and doesn’t mind stirring the pot, either. The shade she causes sometimes can go too far though, and when it does, her fiery Aries moon retaliates with force!

All of the relationships in Cardi’s life are intense—this is explained by her Venus in Scorpio in conjunction with Pluto, AKA the planet of relationships’ energy is melded with the most intense, chaotic, and mysterious planet. Her demeanor is powerful and sexual, and she has a magnetic personality. Magnets don’t just attract, however—they can repel too, and people typically either love Cardi or can’t stand her. This doesn’t faze her, though, and her chart shows that she’s full of enthusiasm and passion but isn’t here to tolerate disrespect from anyone.

The fight may even be more tumultuous and dramatic the second go around.

Nicki’s chart is just as powerful! She’s loud, proud, and unapologetic in everything she does. Nicki has no reservations in asserting her beliefs, because she’s a Sagittarius, with FIVE planets in that sign. Her Sun, Mercury, Venus, Uranus, and Neptune are all in the fiery constellation, giving her a bright mind, blunt honesty, and a need to always be right. Her Virgo Moon switches all of this energy up, however. Sags are particularly bad at paying attention to details, but a Virgo Moon causes a perfectionist attitude and anxiety when things aren’t just right.

The “I need to be right all the time” attitude of her Sagittarius placements plus her perfectionist Virgo Moon plus her Mars in Capricorn (which pushes her to do whatever it takes to reach her goals) makes Nicki unstoppable when she sets her mind to it—but if she doesn’t get first place, she’s filled with rage. Because of that anxious, submissive Virgo Moon, however, Nicki may be all bark and no bite. With Venus, Mercury, and Pluto in Scorpio, the analytical sign obsessed with truth, Cardi could possibly see right through Nicki and isn’t afraid to call her out to her millions of followers.

When all of this recent drama went down, the Sun was in Scorpio, right next to where Mercury is on Cardi’s birth chart. This boosted her mental energy, and suggested an incredibly busy day of heavy communication that Cardi instigated. Mercury and Jupiter were also forming a harmonious angle to Jupiter in Cardi’s birth chart, which indicated amplified confidence. This energy may have helped Cardi feel more assured in her own convictions than ever, while Nicki felt more tied down. Venus retrograde was on top of Saturn (planet of restriction and responsibility) in Nicki’s chart. Nicki felt restrained, and the astrology called for others to hold her accountable for what she’s said. Basically, today was NOT the day for Nicki to shit-talk on Queen Radio.

What happens next? Well, Venus retrograde is happening for a few more weeks, and in a couple of days, it passes over Pluto in Nicki’s birth chart, indicating her relationships with others will be dramatically transformed.

Venus retrograde is all about relationship drama; not just with friends or lovers, but with open enemies as well. When Venus retrograde ends in November, it won’t mark the end of this epic saga, either. Venus will retrace its footsteps and in doing so, will hit the same points and planets on both Cardi’s and Nicki’s charts, unearthing this drama once more before any sort of resolution is achieved. It may even be more tumultuous and dramatic the second go around—it’ll be Sagittarius season by that point in time, meaning that everyone will feel especially bold and brash.

In addition to all that, Mercury will be retrograde, too, causing a whole slew of miscommunications and misunderstandings! Just because these two are holding a ceasefire doesn’t mean that the conflict is over. Whether you think Cardi or Nicki won the battle, the astrological forecast suggests that the war has just begun, and important dates to look out for are November 4, November 13, and November 19. So, take a seat, grab some popcorn, and watch as the rest of this celebrity feud plays out.

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