There's a Surprising Reason Why the Royals Are Constantly Re-Wearing Their Shoes

Have you ever noticed that Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton, and even the Queen herself will re-wear their shoes over-and-over again? It’s 100 percent a thing, and while obviously wearing the same footwear on multiple occasions isn’t abnormal for the rest of us mortals…it’s a somewhat surprising choice if you’re the proud owner of several tiaras. And considering the Queen & Co. step out in brand-new outfits for the majority of their public appearances, the fact that they specifically re-wear just their shoes is…well, noteworthy.

According to The Daily Mail’s fashion commentator Karine Laudort, it all comes down to the royal family wanting to give the illusion that they’re regular, thrifty people—just like you and me. Plus, keep in mind that these folks have multiple outfit changes in one day, so it’s easier to wear the same pair of shoes throughout and just keep them neutral.

“In order to maintain a more humble public image, irrespective of whether Royals wear designer outfits at times, neutral footwear will always be the way to go,” Laudort explains.

This adds up considering that Prince Harry semi-recently stepped out in a pair of brown dress shoes that had a visible hole in the bottom, which might just be his most relatable moment yet:

So basically, yeah: royals…they’re just like the rest of us! Or at least they pretend to be!

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