These are the top 50 things people hate about being in the office

Ah, the great return to the office.

Finally, we get to commute again, enjoy free cups of tea, feel that in-office buzz, and see our co-workers again… only to remember just how annoying they are in-person.

Going back to ‘normal’ when it comes to work isn’t going to be plain sailing.

But one way we can make it a bit easier? Ensuring we’re not committing the sin of doing one of these 50 most hated office behaviours.

Yes, that means no stealing someone’s mug or leaving mouldy food in the fridge for weeks on end.

We can’t get rid of all worklife irritations – yes, it is rubbish having to give up your WFH uniform of sweatpants and a giant jumper – but we can at least do our bit to make things less miserable.

To help us know what to avoid, hygiene and health company Essity asked 2,000 UK office workers for their biggest office gripes since the dawn of Covid, then listed out the most common responses.

So, without further ado, these are the top 50 things that enrage us at work:

Top 50 office annoyances:

The team at Essity said: ‘Office gripes have always existed but the global pandemic and the heightened focus on our own hygiene and health has changed what behaviours we find frustrating now that we’re starting to head back to the office more regularly.

‘Poor hand hygiene, coming in with a cough or a cold, and a failure to show any care or courtesy towards being environmentally friendly, have all shot to the top of our lists of bugbears.

‘For employers, now is the time to put measures in place to minimise any chance of these office gripes upsetting employees that are being welcomed back after so long at home.

‘There are lots of small measures employers can take to make the workplace a better space for workers.

‘Whether it is improving recycling practices, making the office feel more sanitary, or giving workers the surroundings they need to feel comfortable, small steps go a long way.’

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