These Terrifying Beds Could Save Your Life If You’re Caught Sleeping During An Earthquake

An inventor from China has developed a bed that could save your life during an earthquake, but we’re not sure whether we like the idea or not.

It feels as if the world is becoming a scarier and scarier place with each passing day. We’re not even referring to the political side of things in this instance, but rather Mother Nature. Whether you acknowledge it or not, the planet is changing. Weather is becoming much more extreme and in turn, humankind is having to come up with new ways to counteract and protect us from it.

While earthquakes aren’t technically a type of weather, they do fall under the umbrella of scary extremes that our planet can throw at us. With massive cities built in areas where earthquakes happen on a semi-regular basis, we have had to employ methods that minimize the damage they do. Buildings that sway with the tremors of such an event are a major way in which that has been achieved.

However, that doesn’t help those of us who are inside those buildings. Furniture is going to move, fall down, and potentially hurt or kill us. That’s where a new invention courtesy of Chinese inventor Wang Wenxi comes into play. The contraption is a bed that is designed to protect its user in the event of an earthquake. A nice idea on the surface but we are not completely sold on the idea. Take a look for yourselves via the video below.

As you can see, the bed is designed to basically consume anyone within it if it detects an earthquake. That involves the person, who would have presumably been sleeping just seconds earlier, being held in what looks a lot like a tomb once it has closed up. Plus, the potential inclusion of food and water in the animation doesn’t fill us with hope. How long does the inventor think people are going to be in there?

Granted, if rubble falls on top of the bed then you might not be able to get out for a while. While we don’t like the idea of being trapped inside our own transformer bed for an indeterminable amount of time, it is better than being crushed by whatever the bed is protecting us from. The idea is just that for the time being, hence the above being an animation rather than a demonstration, but perhaps this could be the next step forward when it comes to protecting ourselves from earthquakes.

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