This "Food Cubby" Is A Picky Eater’s Dream Come True

Picky eaters who can’t handle when their beans graze their chicken cutlet, raise a glass. This latest kitchen accessory is especially for you. The "Food Cubby" is a genius kitchen gadget for those who need to keep the contents on their plate compartmentalized.

You might remember having plates as a child that neatly organized sides from the main attraction. Mashed potatoes would sit plush in a mountain top to the top right of your mom’s lasagna, which created a lake of tomato sauce. For some reason, as a kid, this might have bothered you. And for some reason, as an adult, you might not be over it. But as our plates became more ~dinnerware~ and plastic became ceramic, the plates with departments left our kitchens.

Grown ups, it turns out, would like those plate borders back. Thanks to the Food Cubby, you can keep all entities on your plate completely separate without having to fill your dish cupboard with those plastic plates for kids. The Food Cubby — which "puts a smile on your plate" — comes with two orange silicone ‘smiles’, or half-moons. And these half-moons keeps food in its place. You’ll never have to worry about tomato sauce staining your mashed potatoes again, if that’s what you’re worried about. Picky eaters can cheers to that.

The Food Cubby is a portable device that can travel with you between home, the office, and accompany you on your travels. It comes in bright orange or bright green, announcing itself on the plate. According to the product page, one half-moon can hold up to a half of a cup of food. If you’re worried about food safety, the silicone is food safe that has been tested by a FDA approved lab. It retails for $14.99 and is available on Amazon.

Food Cubby



The Food Cubby compartments won’t slide around your plate as you try to fork your pasta. The maker of this gadget — who, according to the product description on Amazon, is a kid — clearly put ~thought~ into this. The Food Cubby will suction to your plate, any plate, so that you can feel secure in the amount of different foods, all of different consistencies and textures, that are on a single plate. See you at Harvard, kid inventor of the Food Cubby. Just kidding, I won’t be there.

An additional benefit? If you’re having trouble getting that pasta on your fork, the wall of the Food Cubby will assist you. The wall provides an "edge" to corner your food and get it on your utensil without having to use your fingers. Even better? This kitchen gadget was created not just for the kid who grew up to be a picky eater, but with the purpose to assist the elderly, special needs, and vision-impaired when it’s time to eat.

Reviews are in, nearly 70 of them, and the gadget has earned 4.5 stars. People love them for their purpose and their convenience. Whether you choose green or orange, you can’t go wrong. Runny food will never again get a chance to dampen your dining experience.

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