‘This Is Us’: Why I’m Certain That Jack’s Brother Nicky Is Really Dead

There are a lot of theories going around about the possibility that Jack’s brother Nicky is alive, but I’m a firm believer that Nicky is truly dead and gone.

Listen, I would love for Jack’s long lost brother Nicky to be alive. It would open up an entirely new avenue of storytelling, but I just have a gut feeling that This Is Us will not be going down that route. I truly believe that Nicky died in Vietnam, just like Jack said he did. The circumstances surrounding Nicky’s death are still mysterious, and I think we’ll get those answers. However, I do not think there’s going to be some jaw-dropping twist where Nicky is actually alive. Jack’s actions after the fact just don’t back that theory up.

If Nicky were alive, there’s no way Jack would have just cut his little brother out of his life forever. There’s no way that Jack, the most understanding man in the world, wouldn’t have reached out to his brother at some point in his life, regardless of what happened in Vietnam. Wouldn’t Jack have eventually told his family that Nicky was alive and living his life somewhere else? Why would he let his parents grieve the loss of their son when he was alive? That’s because he isn’t.

Nicky died in the war, and what happened was so devastating that Jack put a wall up to guard those memories forever. He never talked about what happened because he couldn’t. Those were his memories to keep and no one else’s. The grief and pain he felt about his brother’s death was a scab that could be reopened at any time. He didn’t want to expose those emotional wounds again.

I’m not sure how the mystery woman in Vietnam connects to Jack just yet, but it wouldn’t surprise me if the fan theory about Nicky having a relationship with that woman was true. In regards to the necklace that the woman gave Jack, who eventually it to Kevin, I’m leaning towards this fan theory from Reddit user kkruse929: “I think Nicky dies and Jack had to make a choice between saving the little boy and his brother and saves the boy so the mom gives him the necklace as thanks and support.”

Jack and Nicky were extremely close. Jack literally went to war for his brother. There’s just no possible way these two didn’t have any thing to do with one another after the war. You mean to tell me that Nicky wouldn’t have checked in on his brother and his family at some point or vice versa? Sorry, This Is Us fans, but I’m just not buying those Nicky Pearson is alive theories. It’s too good to be true. And as we’ve all seen — ahem, Jack’s death — life is really not fair. Jack knew how precious life was because of his brother’s death. This Is Us season 3 airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on NBC.

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