This Marvel-Themed Fitness Gear That Will Help You Look Like Captain America

Fitness brand Onnit has recently released a line of workout gear that will instantly elevate anyone’s athletic game to superhero status.

Thanks to the same folks who brought us Star Wars-themed kettlebells, fitness brand Onnit now has Marvel fans covered as well. According to Muscle Prodigy, Onnit has just released special edition barbells emblazoned with the Captain America shield and Iron Man kettlebells that look like Iron Man’s helmet and will surely intimidate even the toughest gym rat. Hold on to your webs because Onnit is also offering Spider-Man battle ropes that are only for those true Marvel fans who aren’t afraid to show their Spidey senses off by swinging the ropes like a Peter Parker pro.

Pair up your Marvel-themed barbells, kettlebells and dumbbells with some stunning matching Marvel-themed activewear (ladies only at this time, sorry gents) from costume apparel brand Her Universe and you’ve not only got yourself a workout worthy of any hero but the newly-achieved superpower to make other Marvel fans at the gym extremely jealous as well.

These gym treats were just released back in October after a much-anticipated tease since the summer so if you still have some holiday shopping to do and haven’t crossed off the Marvel fans in your life from your shopping list, you might want to consider these bad boys. Especially if your Marvel-loving loved ones don’t necessarily love pumping iron as much as they love their superheroes. This might be just the motivation that they need to kick it into gear and start feeling Marvel-ous! Of course, you’ll earn extra points for snagging such impressive and unique gifts!

First, Star Wars entered the workout area and now Marvel. We can only wonder what the universe has in store for us next. Is this the calm before the storm of licensed gear hitting the gyms? We can hardly wait to see what Onnit has up its sneaky sleeve and is going to put out next!

What do you think of themed fitness gear? Would you buy it? Let us know in the comments!

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