This Photo Of Ariana Grande Wearing A New Ring On Her Engagement Finger Has Fans Theorizing

Ariana Grande is engaged again! Or so it seems judging by a recent selfie she posted to Instagram. The photo of Ariana Grande wearing a new ring published on Sunday, Nov. 18 definitely has fans talking. They’re asking so many questions about what the ring could mean. Is she really engaged? Has she moved on from Pete Davidson? Is she wearing a ring on that finger just for the heck of it?

Well, the ring could definitely be a commitment ring. But don’t get any wild ideas — Grande isn’t engaged to a specific person. It’s more like she’s engaged to herself and to her closest friends. And it’s about more than just the rings. Her music is tied into it, too. Grande actually laid out her plans to commit to herself and her friends in her latest single “Thank U, Next.” Though she expressed her thanks for her exes in the song, Grande ultimately ends it with a promise to be better to herself and to her friends:

And she further reiterated that with an alternate version of the bridge of the song:

So, Grande has totally committed to putting herself and her friends first. And there’s nothing wrong with that! In any case, here is the photo Grande posted on Instagram:

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…. n I’m so good with that

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Grande’s friends also posted similar selfies while sporting the same exact ring:

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Feelin’ peachy ?

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All these rings definitely have fans theorizing about what it all means. The fan theories started when a fan account posted a behind the scenes shot from Grande’s “Breathin’” music video which reveals the track list for her next album.

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guys ?

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You can even see “Thank U, Next” in the shot. But there’s also a track there called “Seven Rings” and that’s what fans are really latching onto at the moment. Naturally, fans are taking to Twitter to discuss their theories about “Seven Rings” and what it could mean.

Some fans seem to think “Seven Rings” will be an homage to her closest friends and how much they mean to her:

Other fans have some interesting ideas about how Grande’s ex-loves might be tied into the song:

And then there are those fans who believe that “Seven Rings” will be about astronomy:

Personally, I think “Seven Rings” is going to be about her friends. That’s the theory that makes the most sense to me. But whatever the song is about, I’m sure it’s going to be great.

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