This Photo of Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Son Has Everyone Obsessed

Chip and Joanna Gaines recently added a new member to their family. Their newest son, Crew, was born in July, and little by little the parents have been documenting on social media all of the exciting things that come with being parents to a newborn. Chip recently posted a photo on her Instagram of her young son, and a few fans noticed something interesting about it — and soon, everyone was obsessing over the photo.

Chip and Joanna recently welcomed their son, Crew. | Joanna Gaines via Instagram

Chip and Joanna have documented lazy days, doctors’ appointments, and more with her new son

The photos of Crew on Chip and Joanna’s social media accounts are nothing shy of adorable. Chip has posted photos of himself relaxing in a hammock with the baby and documented Crew’s first Baylor football game experience. Joanna posted a loving photo of Chip laughing at Crew during one of his doctors’ appointments. It showed the two are so excited about the newest addition to their family.

But one recently-posted Instagram photo had people obsessing

Chip and Joanna’s son, Crew, appears to have a heart on his right foot (the foot is on the left in the photo). | Chip Gaines via Instagram

In late October 2018, Chip posted an adorable photo that focused on Crew’s tiny toes and feet, and his body was a bit blurred in the background as he slept in his carrier. The caption read, “Look at those 10 little toes.. he doesn’t know it yet, but those tiny feet are going to do amazing things someday.” But it was Crew’s tiny foot that caught people’s attention — it looked as though the crinkles in his skin formed a heart just below his two middle toes. Once one person noticed it, many people caught on.

“Aww look at the heart on his right foot,” one user wrote. The comment received 650 likes. (The foot is on the left in the photo.)

“Does anyone else see the [heart] on the bottom of his foot? Precious!” another user wrote. That comment received nearly 500 likes. It looks like even baby Crew’s feet are getting plenty of attention.

Chip and Joanna aren’t sure if they’ll have more kids — but it isn’t off the table

When it comes to having more kids, all Chip and Joanna say is that they’re not ruling anything out. Joanna had mentioned that she wanted a big family back when they still had four little ones, but she also said that her pregnancy came as a total shock. She noticed she hadn’t been feeling right and remember that the last time she’d felt off in this way was when she was pregnant. She said her jaw dropped when she saw the test results. But the Gaines family also wasn’t disappointed — they welcomed their new son excitedly.

For now, the couple is loving their beautiful family of seven

Whether or not Chip and Joanna have more kids is still on the table, but for now, the couple is enjoying parenting their five children. Joanna said that she had four kids so close together that it was hard to relax and enjoy raising them — their house was constant chaos.  She said she’s excited to relish the moments that come with raising a newborn now that her other children are older and she can relax a bit.

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