Tide’s New Detergent Packaging Suspiciously Looks A Lot Like A Box Of Wine

Say goodbye to the Tide Pod Challenge, as the laundry detergent multinational unveiled its new product that looks suspiciously like a box of wine.

Many companies are trying to do their part in being more environmentally conscious. Some companies such as Disney and Starbucks have vowed to phase out all plastic straws. There are other companies whose products are as green as can be, like Tesla’s many vehicles. But laundry detergent mega-giant Tide has decided to go in a somewhat different direction in becoming environmentally friendly.

According to CNN Business, Procter & Gamble- the company behind many brands, including Tide, has created new packaging for Tide liquid detergent. The new packaging in question is a cardboard box that will hold liquid detergent in a bag, with a no-drip valve to dispense the product. The eco-friendly part comes from this new packaging containing 60 percent less plastic, and 30 percent less water than any old packaging from Tide.


This new packaging, according to a P&G press release, is not just eco-friendly- it’s also shipping-friendly. This so-called “Eco-Box” comes in a smaller package, making it smaller and thus easier to fit in any ordinary delivery vehicle. Given that Tide products are more commonly purchased from places such as Amazon and Walmart, it could also affect the price in a more positive manner.

Despite this package benefitting the environment and the company’s shipping, its appearance has earned more than a few jeers on social media. Many on Twitter have pointed out that Tide’s newest packaging resembles boxed wine. The most popular joke is that those who participated in the Tide Pod Challenge that blew up late last year and earlier this year will now want to drink Tide in this format. Jokes have ranged from people mistaking Tide for popular boxed wine company Franzia, to those that had eaten Tide Pods now being adult enough to drink Tide.

P&G has responded to these joking remarks with a statement from Buzzfeed News. They reaffirmed that Tide laundry detergent is for cleaning, not eating, and should always be stored away from where a child could reach it. Of course, this is to be expected, as the company no doubt wants to protect themselves from any liability that could come from anyone consuming Tide in any form. Whether a new Internet challenge will take off due to this new product remains to be seen, but here’s hoping people will be smarter this time around.


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